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20-Day-Old Baby Girl Can Only Survive With NICU Treatment

I saw her only 4 days after she was born. Even though I was still recovering from the surgery, I was restless. All I wanted to do was to see my baby, but the first time I saw her was with tubes running through her nose and mouth. I couldn’t even cry, I was in shock. I wasn’t prepared to see her like this.”

When Naseema woke up the day after her delivery, she panicked. Her baby was not next to her where she is supposed to be, instead, she was in the NICU fighting for her life. 

Ever since they got married five years ago, all Naseema and Shaik have wanted was to start a family. Their prayers were finally answered but at a great cost. Naseema and Shaik’s baby girl’s life began in pain. She was born premature and extremely underweight. Their baby girl has been in the NICU for nearly 20 days now and only continued treatment can save her life. 

She was born extremely underweight, but she's getting better slowly and steadily 

“When I see her through the incubator, I wonder how it must be to hold her. I think she’s the size of my arm. She was only 707 grams when she was born. I spend 10-15 minutes with her every few hours and keep asking the nurse about her progress. She doesn’t even know us yet. But I hope she knows she’s not alone, even though she wakes up to the beeping sound of machines every day.”

Naseema’s baby girl’s organs were underdeveloped when she was born. She’s been on oxygen support ever since, but her condition is improving. She’s increasing around 7 gms every day, and her organs have started developing. However, their baby girl needs to stay in the NICU for at least 6 more weeks to get stronger and reach her ideal, healthy weight of 1.5 kg.

Her parents can’t keep her in the hospital for 40 days with medicals bills costing 35,000/per day

Their baby girl was born in the seventh month of pregnancy after Naseema’s blood pressure shot up. Delaying the delivery would have put the mother and child at risk. It was their baby girl’s only chance to survive, and ever since, she has fought bravely. Her little improvements every day make her parents and doctors happy, but only continued treatment can put her completely out of danger. Now, Shaik works hard all day to try and continue treatment, but he's struggling. 

She’s doing much better now and the doctors are positive she will make it with continued medical care and attention. Her lungs are developing well, her scans are coming back with good results. But another 40 days of medical expenses is beyond what we can afford. I'm scared we'll will lose her even before we hold her and all her progress will be for nothing.”

How You Can Help

So far, Shaik and Naseema have spent nearly 6 lakhs on their baby’s treatment after taking several loans. Her daily medical expenses are 35,000 and Shaik’s income from a private company isn’t enough for him to continue her treatment for another 6 weeks. Naseema and Shaik’s baby girl is a fighter and has made it this far, now she needs your help to complete the last leg of her treatment and finally go home. This is her only chance to survive.

Your support will save Naseema and Shaik's baby girl.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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19th July 2018
Dear supporters,

We have some unfortunate news to share with you all today.
Baby girl of Naseema could not make it and passed away.

She was severely pre-matured and she had a cardiac arrest, doctors tried their best but could not revive her.

The parents are devastated. We thank you for the support which you have shown towards the little one. The funds raised from this campaign will be utilised towards the baby's treatment so far.

May her soul rest in peace.

Dr Nalinikanta Panigrahy
18th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards my daughter. She is doing better now compared to earlier and her health has improved considerably.

Her dependency on the ventilator and the oxygen support has reduced a lot. The doctors suggest that they will be keeping her under observation for about another month to avoid infections and help her in recovering faster.

I would like to thank you all once again. Please do pray for her health and speedy recovery. Do share this campaign further with your friends and family. Will keep you posted.

S K Naseema
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