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Fundraising to help my younger brother fight a chronic kidney disease. Your contribution would go towards helping him get a kidney transplant!

My brother who is simple, sweet and innocent is by God’s grace the soul of me and my mother's life, he was diagnosed with D – HUS (Humoleytic Uremic Syndrome) in February, 2013.Given that he is only 13 years old and the trauma that he is undergoing has completely shaken us. He was hospitalized and had to undergo some strenuous medical treatments like plasma exchange and dialysis in corporate hospitals namely Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital, Hyderabad and Christian Medical College, Vellore.
In spite of horrible side effects and being on the ventilator for a couple of days, we never lost hope. He was discharged in July, 2013 and since then has been on dialysis that could be arranged for at home (Peritoneal Dialysis). However, his health has always been on the decline side with the medical reports suggesting the same.As per the latest medical consultant's opinion, he has been advised to go for a kidney transplant for his kidney has not shown any improvement in the last year and a half. I am doing my Bachelors in Business Administration in a reputed school and currently in the final year of my course. My mother has been a single parent since the demise of my father in April, 2002. She is doing everything she can to hold on to my brother’s life.
The unending love of my Mom for my brother is the only reason he was able to take all the physical and mental stress of the medical treatment.However,the expenses incurred during the treatment amounting to 40 lakhs has been a difficult proposition for her to overcome single handedly. We had to literally empty all our financial resources for the same. Hence, my mother not only has to focus on taking care of my brother's health condition but also has to get a helping hand in fighting the financial burdens associated with the kidney transplantation and the expensive medical treatment needed after the transplantation is done. This medical treatment is estimated to be around 15 lakhs to suffice the transplantation of the kidney.
My mother has always been able to support our family all by herself and making the decision to ask for help was difficult. But now at this time we are appealing for you to be that helping hand to financially support us generously. My brother will be definitely blessed by your kind help.We will look forward to reciprocate the kind humanity shown by you all. Any support, no matter how small, will be incredibly appreciated and we will be forever grateful.
Thank you,

Here are a few medical documents attached

These are the set of documents( discharge summaries and bill payment) in both hospitals where my brother was treated.
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alt text alt text
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2nd August 2015

Hi friends and contributors,

This is Jayanth updating you on my brother's health. I would like to thank all the overwhelming contributors and Milaap for providing me a platform to raise funds for my brother's well being. I would like to inform that Milaap has transferred the remaining funds by the end of April.

It takes me immense pain to let you know that Jayadeep had a severe fitts attack on the 6th of May. On immediate basis, we had called for the ambulance and admitted him in the hospital. He was put in the ICU under observations for 24 hours which was emotionally strenuous for us. Thanks to the Almighty, he came through with no further complications and was discharged within a day. The expenses incurred during the hospital stay, ICU charges, medical expenses, room charges and other miscellaneous expenses was INR 40,000.

I have mentioned the drugs that are of everyday use, their cost, the expense of dialysis and injection costs. Here is the list:

1) Crisp Injection 40 Mg: As per the latest medical expert’s opinion they have increased the dosage of this injection to 3 doses per month. For the last three months, he was given 8 doses. The expenses incurred were Rs 16,000

Monthly expenses for medicines are Rs 3000.

As per the doctor’s opinion dialysis sessions have been revised for the last 3 months. Earlier we would only use 2 packets of the fluid now it has been increased to 3.

The dialysis expenses are as follows:

1 session of dialysis costs and requirements:

Mini caps: Rs 25 per piece: For one day’s dialysis 6 mini caps are necessary

Baxter Peritoneal Dialysis Solution IP 2.5% W/V Dextrose Dianeal PD-2 with 2.5% W/V Dextrose 2000 ml: Rs 215 per packet. 2 packets required(as per the new schedule)

Baxter Peritoneal Dialysis Solution IP 1.5% W/V Dextrose Dianeal PD-2 with 1.5% W/V Dextrose 2000 ml: 1.5 litre packet: Rs 215 : per packet

Drain bag: Rs 65 per packet: 3 pieces are necessary for a session of dialysis.

Daily expenses for a session of dialysis: Around INR 1,000

There are two cleaning solutions that ought to be used for preventing infections. They are Betardien Surgical Scrub and Betardien Microbiodical solution. They cost Rs 500 per month.

The total monthly expenses for dialysis will be INR 28,000-32,000.

Since Jayadeep was under the influence of blood transfusion while he received treatment for fitts, the transplantation has been delayed. Will keep you updated!

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Recover soon..

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This is my small help for the small boy. I have a daughter and I really feel for children who undergo such treatments.. may God help him and he should be fine....

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Get well soon god bless you.

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