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Nimal needs your help in bringing water to 455 villages in Ramnad
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"A small boy ran up to me and gave me his piggy bank worth six months of his savings hoping it would help bring water to his village. Travelling miles to fetch water might sound like a thing that our ancestors used to do when there was no water supply, but it’s very much a reality and something quite normal in this village” - Nimal Raghavan

Nimal Raghavan was 31 years old when he decided to put his career of 8 years behind him, and dedicate his life to the betterment of his beloved homeland. He had come home for a vacation from Dubai, where he was working in a major bank. After seeing the water crisis in his home, he left his job behind to save water bodies in India. 

Children Run To Fetch Water Before They Can Get Ready For School

In the heart of Ramnad district, Tamil Nadu, a unique morning routine unfolds, deviating from the typical start to the day in most villages. Before the children of this village even think of school and education, they embark on a significant journey – a quest for water. This is driven by the harsh reality of Ramnad grappling with a severe water crisis, particularly intensified during the intense summer heat. Even pregnant women are forced by the situations to patiently queue up for a modest ration of water, often falling short of meeting basic needs.

Solution- restoring the long-lost water bodies 

Few Months Ago, 5 Women Were Killed While Searching For Water

Most of our wells are dry, and we are experiencing a severe water crisis in most regions of India, particularly in rural areas. This is primarily due to poor recharging of groundwater. Reviving water bodies improves groundwater recharge and prevents saltwater intrusion and also avoids floods.” - Nimal

To bring about a change, Nimal and his team are working on two water channels near Ramnad that can be restored. They will focus on desilting the lake area, connecting inlets and outlets, constructing and strengthening lake boundaries, preventing saltwater intrusion, water treatment, and constructing recharging pits. 
In addition, introducing native species plants in the restored water bodies and the lake islands created on the water bodies will help restore the entire ecosystem.

Daily Wagers Are Merely Earning Rs. 300, Out Of Which Nearly Half Of It They Are Spending To Buy Water

Nimal has successfully revived 183 water bodies, bringing sustenance to over 60 lakh people across 3,500 villages. Villagers, especially farmers and fishermen got back their livelihood, eradicating the need to find work for a living. Beyond the water bodies, Nimal has spearheaded expansive afforestation campaigns, planting an impressive 18.2 lakh saplings, a testament to his commitment to restoring nature's balance.

Each Family Is Only Allowed Two Pots Of Water Every Day, Even For The Ones With 4-5 Members

While restoring water bodies a lot of sand is excavated and we make the best use of it. We create small islands in the middle of these projects that act as a seed for a self-sustaining ecosystem. We do the right plantation to attract birds, bees etc,  that will slowly start creating an ecosystem of its own.” Nimal 

Amidst these triumphs, Ramnad remains a stark reminder of the challenges yet to be overcome Ramnad stands as one of the driest regions in the country, where the population has become accustomed to the perennial water crisis. This struggle extends beyond inconvenience; it intertwines with every aspect of their being- Education, healthcare, agriculture. The holistic development of the entire community is compromised.

“The villagers are forced to sell their lands and look for livelihood elsewhere, mostly as labourers. Even so, they tackle the same issue- lack of water. They earn 300-400 as their daily wage, out of which, they spend 100 rupees for water- a basic necessity to survive.”- Nimal 

Some Grandparents Haven't Been Able To Farm For Nearly 30 Years, They Are Barely Able To Make Ends Meet

"There are certain villages where most of the people have already left and the only people who are living their are those who are over 60-70 years old, with no family and no other means to survive, soon they will be in a position where they won't be able to fetch water for themselves" - Nimal

With your support, Nimal envisions transforming the narrative of Ramnad, ensuring its residents have reliable access to water. Your contribution can be a catalyst for change, a pledge to combat water scarcity and elevate the quality of life for thousands. To join hands with Nimal Raghvan in this transformative journey, click the link below and become an integral part of the pursuit towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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