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Without Urgent Transplant 14-Year-Old Will Die Due To A Failing Liver

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Have you seen someone in their deathbed? I have. I know how they look. My son now looks like that. He is weak and tired and it looks like he has given up on life. But I haven’t. The doctors have told us that a liver transplant can save my son’s life, they said that I can donate my liver. I want to save him desperately but I will never be able to afford it. Will I lose my son?” - asks a teary-eyed Seraj.

His 14-year-old son, Shahanawaz’s liver is damaged completely. The clock is ticking for this boy, every minute’s delay is pushing him towards death. He needs the transplant now.

One week - and everything changed for this teenager

Just a week ago, Seraj’s wife Razia noticed that Shahanawaz was not eating properly. He was weak and tired. Very soon, his stomach started swelling and he was crying out because of a severe pain in his chest.
“Four years ago when he started vomiting blood one day, we immediately took him to a doctor. They gave him medicine, told us he would be fine. We thought there was nothing left for us to worry about. But three days ago, there was blood in his stool, he could hardly stand up. He was in so much pain that we immediately took him to the hospital that night itself,” - Razia, mother.

But the hospitals in Patna gave up. They asked the parents to take him to Delhi - only that could save their son.

Imagine how Seraj feels knowing he has only a few hours to save his son

Shahanawaz has Wilson’s disease. The copper in his body doesn't get eliminated properly. Instead it accumulates, sometimes even to a life-threatening level. He was on regular medicines but the last week has brought him on the brink of death. His only hope now is a liver transplant.
“I can’t even look at my son’s face. Every time I see him, I remember what the doctors have told - he has only a few hours to get the transplant. It feels as if the time is slipping through my hands. If I can’t save him, I will never be able to forgive myself,” - Seraj.

These parents have been living a nightmare, you can help them

Razia and Seraj are devastated. They don’t know how to arrange the 16 lakhs needed to save their son’s life. Seraj’s house is already mortgaged and in just in the last 4 days, he has spent over a lakh. He is a small shopkeeper, there is no way he can save his son’s life without your help.
“He has his entire life ahead of him. He is just 14. I can’t let him die because I can’t afford his treatment. Please help me,” - begs this desperate father.

Shahanawaz's liver is failing, he needs a liver transplant in few hours. His father is a matched donor but they don't have the money. A generous contribution from your side can help save this boy's life 


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