Help Sarthak To Fight Hemophilia A - Causing Excessive Bleeding

My son master Sarthak Pokale is diagnosed with Hemophilia A Severe. He had bleeding in the brain and is operated(Neurosurgery) at Sahyadri Hospital Pune. He is in the hospital since 4th September to till date. The total estimate given by hospital is 721734 till date.

Last 11 years have poked multiple needles on Sarthak's body leaving him extremely weak

Sarthak was diagnosed with the disease when he was still 7 months old and for the last 11 years, it has been a difficult journey. Since the treatment for the disease is limited the only relief he gets is from the plasma shots. These injections give make him feel better, however, the effect of the shot goes away in few weeks and the cycle continues.

"Our child's growth has stopped the day he was diagnosed of this, he remains weak till today."

Sarthak got treatment at the right time and after 4 days he was out of danger. Sarthak is still on the path to recovery and in the hospital and his father is looking for means to clean his hospital bills.

How can you help

A father wants to save his child and has been trying all the means to arrange money for the treatment. However, 11 Years of treatment have already drained all his savings. The brain surgery has cost 7 Lakhs and it has become extremely difficult to arrange funds to clear the bills.

Your contribution will ensure a life is saved and will give hope to a family who has suffered a lot for the last 11 years.

Sahyadri Hosptial Estimate for hospitalization
Sahyadri Hosptial Estimate for hospitalization
Sarthak's Hemophilia Certificate
Sarthak's Hemophilia Certificate
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1st November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown my son Sarthak. He is doing better now compared to earlier.

He underwent the brain surgery on 4th September and the doctors removed the excess blood from his brain. He was in ICU until the 20th under observation and based on his response to the treatment he was shifted to HDU. HDU is the Heavy Dependency Unit, where the body is supported by machines to stabilize the vitals. He was in the HDU for about 7 days and his health was stabilizing and his dependency on the support from the machines was also reducing.

He had contracted fever and that was not reducing in the HDU. Once, his vitals were back to normal the doctors suggested to take him home for further treatment. After we took him home, his fever also reduced.

He is recovering now but the recovery is slow. He has trouble walking. The doctors have adviced for follow-ups once in 8 days. He is also undergoing physiotherapy to strengthen his muscles so he can walk properly again. The doctors suggest if they continue with the treatment and his recovery happens at the same pace, then he will recover completely very soon.

Thank you all once again for all the love and support. Please do pray for his speedy recovery.

Sarthak's father. 
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God bless you sarthak. Get well soon

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God bless him