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“The day we found out that our son was suffering from this dreadful disease, we were told about the possibility that any children we decided to have after Aadi could face the same fate. I’d always wanted a big family, so I was absolutely crushed hearing the doctor’s words. All these years, our efforts have gone into saving our only child. Now, we have nothing left and can barely afford to have one meal a day. We don’t know what to do...” - Bhagwati, mother

Blood transfusions have kept him alive for 9 years

Aadi was only 9 months old when he was diagnosed with Thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder. The little boy had a fever that persisted for several days, despite consulting several doctors and being prescribed medicines. His parents ran around in circles for a whole month, until a doctor at a bigger hospital recommended getting tests done. From the results, they found that Aadi’s haemoglobin levels were extremely low, causing anaemia.

“He was immediately given blood transfusions, which stabilized his condition, and his fever finally subsided. The doctor then explained to us that our child had a severe blood disorder, and there was no treatment as such for this condition, but he would require regular blood transfusions. I was baffled that something so serious could affect a child so small.” - Rajiv, father

The blood transfusions alone are not enough to save him

After years of looking for a solution, in a bigger hospital in Delhi, these parents learned that the blood transfusions are only a temporary solution, and won’t cure their child of his condition. What he desperately needs is a bone marrow transplant, as soon as possible, to ensure his recovery.

“In that moment, hope blossomed in my heart. I was so happy to hear those words. I thought my child would finally be cured, and be able to lead a normal life. I assumed that I would have to somehow arrange 4 or 5 lakh rupees, at most, for the procedure. But when I realised it would cost so much more than that, my confidence was shaken, and I started to wonder if my child could even be saved.” - Rajiv

He yearns to live a normal life, devoid of hospitals and needles

These past 9 years have been nothing short of hell for Aadi and his family. The young boy has spent every day of his life wondering why he has to go to the hospital each month to get pricked by needles and blood transfusions, while other kids don’t seem to be doing it. He tries to study, but even reading and writing for more than a few minutes can exhaust him. He is unaware of the cause of his troubles, but he often feels upset for the way he has to live differently than most children of his age.

With no money to afford even a proper meal, he’s struggling to save his only child

Rajiv does masonry for a living, earning anywhere between INR 8,000 to INR 10,000 a month, depending on the availability of work. Bhagwati used to do tailoring and shared the burden of bringing in a monthly income, until she fell ill during the pandemic-led lockdown. She had to stop working on the doctor’s orders.

“I’ve lost count of how much I’ve spent so my son can live another day. It has been exhausting, terryfying and painful for us to endure. Now, when the solution is within my reach, I am failing to afford it. I have used up everything I had and even took loans, which I’m still paying back. My wife had to also stop her medication, because we couldn't spend on it anymore. I don't have enough to put food on the table some days, how will I save my child with no money?” - Rajiv

With no one else to turn to for help, Rajiv and Bhagwati hope you can support them through this difficult time. Your contribution can save their son's life. Click here to donate.

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