5-year-old With Cataract Is Blind By Birth And Cannot Afford Surgery

Keerthana hasn't seen her father as he died before she was born, and she was born blind so she has never seen her mother. This is our story.
A Jain girl married a Muslim. Our families threw us out on the streets. We understood and worked towards a happy life. We had each other. But, our happiness expired when my husband expired. I lost him within a few months to a tragic accident.

Already in shock over my husband's death, I discovered I was pregnant. My family did not care. A welfare center has been taking care of me all this time, especially when I began to have health issues through the pregnancy.
When Keerthana was 3, I noticed how she was bumping into things when she walked around the house. She never really looked at me. It dawned on me, that my daughter was not seeing but hearing things and turning around. 

The doctor said she had the cataract. Doesn't that affect old people? My daughter was born with it. I didn't even know for 3 years that she was blind!
Fortunately for us, it can be fixed. She needs surgery. But, in the state that we are, orphans, with no money, we cannot afford this surgery. Our caretakers have been extremely kind to us all these years. We are forever indebted. And we will be forever indebted to you as well.

Please, my daughter is all I have left of my husband. She was born out of love. Hate and discrimination have put us in this situation today. I wish we could have provided her a better life.

Your support can give my daughter eyesight and with that a life of possibilities.
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Supporting Document
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2nd February 2018
Dear Supporters,

We are happy to share this update with all of you. 

Keerthana has been discharged and is recovering well.
She recognises people she regularly communicated as her vision is improved a lot.

Thank you for your wonderful support.

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