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This 4-Month-Old Only Has 4 Days To Get A Life-Saving Transplant
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    from Choutuppal, Telangana

“I live away from my family, working as a security guard in Jharkhand. I was so desperate to see my baby’s face after his birth but I never thought that I would meet him in this condition. I never thought I would rush back home not in excitement, but in the fear of losing my child before even seeing him.” - Mahesh, father

The baby was diagnosed with an end-stage liver disease

Harshith was born amidst the chaos of the pandemic which made it difficult for the family to get regular check-ups for him. They feared that it would risk his contact with the virus but they never knew that they were risking his life instead. 

Just within the second month of his birth, Harshith’s eyes started turning yellow and then his entire body too. When Rajini, his mother, took him to the hospital, Harshith was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease.

11 hospitals in 3 months

“I was so scared and worried that I didn’t know what to say when I got a call from Mahesh that evening. End-stage! It is so cruel that my son who has barely been in this world for a few months is struggling to survive. What is my little child’s fault? Why did God send him if he was going to take him away from me? My child is going through so much pain I just... I can’t see him suffer like this anymore.” - Rajini 

They knew the ailment but not the cure and in search of it, they travelled to every city possible. They went to 11 different hospitals in the last 3 months and did hundreds of tests hoping they'd find the way to save their child.

He needs an urgent liver transplant within the next 4 days

4-months-old Harshith suffers from biliary atresia, a condition in which the bile ducts outside and inside the liver are scarred and blocked. Bile can't flow into the intestine, so it builds up in the liver and damages it. After months of struggle, they finally found a cure - a liver transplant. But there is no time left, he needs the transplant in the next 4 days to survive.

Only a liver transplant can save him and time is running out very quickly. The doctors have scheduled the surgery on Monday but I have no rupee left to afford the treatment. I already took loans and even mortgaged gold to afford his treatment till now. I don’t know what to do, where to go. Please help me save my son, you are my only hope.” - Mahesh

This security guard cannot afford the treatment and only you can help. Your generous contributions can save Harshith’s life. Click here to contribute.

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