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Teacher Hides Her Suffering From Painful Blood Cancer Behind A Smile
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She has been fighting cancer since a year but hasn't shed a single tear post her diagnosis. That is how Gauri, who is a school teacher, wants to encourage her students that the challenges of life need to be faced with courage and an unshakeable spirit. She doesn't have children of her own, but she is an inspiration to thousands of them in the school she teaches in. 

Everything felt like a blur to me in the hospital bed

“I was at school when I had my first blackout. It lasted for a few seconds, and I was fine right after, so I didn't pay much attention to it as I had to attend a parents teacher meet. But within 2-3 days I was running a high fever and had a backache that was gradually turning quite severe. My school principal and colleagues asked me to rush back home and rest, but I kept pushing myself. It was in June 2022 when after the blackout I woke up directly in the hospital bed with absolutely no memory of what had happened to me. Everything felt like a blur when the doctor was stating my critical condition.” - Gauri 

I was diagnosed with blood cancer all of a sudden 

Within 2 days, Gauri’s entire world crashed with the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer. Her regular life of teaching math and science to her students took a tumultuous turn to frequent blood tests, chemotherapy and sudden hospitalizations.

“At the time I heard that I have cancer, it took a while to sink it. My students started coming to meet me here as soon as they heard about my diagnosis. They only said that I can't have a disease because I am brave and that my reports will change. I went numb but when I closed my eyes and thought about my students and family, I accepted and just smiled. I knew this setback would be an important message for me and my children, who have only seen their Gauri Ma’am smiling and happy.” - Gauri

Gauri with her school students

 Working in different cities, this couple is going through a very tough time 

It's been a year now that Gauri has been battling cancer. Gauri’s leukemia had aggressively spread by the time she was diagnosed and she had to begin 2 types of chemotherapy simultaneously in an attempt to get her cancer under control. Despite best efforts, her leukemia relapsed and her husband, Ram, who works in Mumbai immediately came to support his wife through this devastating time.

“Gauri and I have always stayed apart due to our work, so we really know the value that time holds. She is a teacher in Nashik whereas I have my job in Mumbai. The weekends were the only days we could get a chance to meet each other. But after her diagnosis, I didn't want to leave and go back to Mumbai. I wanted to stay beside her because I felt like God was stealing even the little bit of time that we could get. It was so unfair because here my wife, who has cancer, is battling with a smile whereas all of us are shattered to see her go through so much pain for over a year.” - Ram, husband

I am struggling to keep up with the costs of my treatment since 2022

A prolonged treatment for such a dire disease had drained them off all their savings and insurance. Apart from the chemotherapy, the additional costs of transfusions and medicines had taken a toll on this couple's earnings. Ram had to go back to Mumbai and today Gauri travels for her chemotherapy alone with her mother. She has to resort this until she can undergo a bone marrow transplant.

“It was getting difficult for Ram to manage everything from here and I had exhausted all my medical leaves. Blood cancer is difficult, you can't survive long without frequent transfusions and every month we have to borrow from our friends and relatives. This struggle has been going on from 2022 and we have used up every government scheme, every insurance, every fund we could gather. Only if I can get a bone marrow transplant, my cancer can be cured and we can come out of this loop of chemotherapy and bills, but INR 20 lakhs is a huge amount to even borrow now, and I am afraid I don't have much time left.” - Gauri

Gauri’s brother is her matching donor and now all they are waiting for is her transplant to happen soon. A year-long wait has been difficult for this family who are hopeful only because of Gauri’s determination. They wish this cancer wouldn't take away Gauri’s smile and this is only possible with your support now.

Please click here to help Gauri who is fighting blood cancer for a year to get cured with a transplant soon.


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