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Burdened By Massive Neck Tumour, 1-Year-Old Needs Life-Saving Surgery
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    Daughter of Anil

    from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

"It is saddening to see my little daughter struggle to turn her neck and be in discomfort all the time. We, as adults often find it difficult to tolerate the slightest of pain. I can't even imagine what she goes through everyday and how much more does she have to bear?Pooja, mother reflects while looking at her daughter

What started as a small lump, grew into a big trouble

Anil and Pooja have three children. Their youngest daughter was born last year, in August. She was healthy and fine at birth. But, three months later, Pooja noticed a lump on the back of her daughter's neck. Since, it was a small lump, she used some home remedies hoping that it would go away. However, that was not what happened.

"We took her to a local hospital when the lump did not reduce in size. The doctor gave us some medicines for it. But they didn't helpSo we took her to a better hospital where they did an ultrasound. It became clear that it was not a normal lump and needed a CT scan for further thorough evaluation. We were worried but didn't have the money for getting the CT scan done." - Anil, father, recalling dejectedly

"The doctors told us that the lump on our daughter's neck was actually a cancerous growth..."

The lump showed no signs of reducing in size. Rather it started growing more rapidly. The parents somehow managed to get the CT scan done in a government hospital. The reports that came, brought their worst fears to life.

"The doctors told us that the lump on our daughter's neck was actually a cancerous growth. It was growing very fast and had already started having an impact on her spinal cord, which could prove fatal if not removed in time. Multiple surgeries would be needed for its treatment. We were left in disbelief" - Pooja, with a grim face.

The option of surgery gave them hope, but its cost is way beyond their capacity

The doctors have given them an estimate of INR 8 lakhs for the entire treatment. The cost is too much for the parents to afford considering their financial condition.

"I work as a daily wage mason. That too, I don't get work or wage every day. I roughly make 6000 to 8000, which is barely sufficient to get us through the month. How can I even arrange such a huge sum of money at short notice? I have spent 30, 000 rupees on her treatment till now by taking loans. I have nothing left now. I feel helpless doing nothing while my daughter suffers." - Anil, breaking down in tears

The parents have a lot of dreams for their daughter

Like any other parents, Anil and Pooja have toiled hard to provide whatever best they can to their children. Their other children go to a government school and despite financial restraints, they try their best to perform well in their individual classes. They want to give the same opportunity to their daughter as soon as she recovers.

I want my daughter to get the best education so that she doesn't have to live in poverty and remain helpless like me. I hope she at least gets a chance to do what she wants to do."  - Anil

Help this little girl fight this tumor and get a chance to live the life of her dreams

" I pray with folded hands to all the people, to reach out and help us in this time of need. I am hopeful, that God has a better plan than we can imagine." - Pooja, the mother

Contribute generously to the cause and help unburden this little girl from the huge tumor she is forced to carry on her neck. 

Click here to donate. 

The identity of the child has been protected in adherence to the government guidelines.

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