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Her Rare Cancer Might Kill Her Before She Sees Her Father

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"My little daughter Endikka is in pain. She is just 2-years-old and is already suffering so much. She lies on my lap with her big innocent eyes staring at strangers. Sometimes she smiles at them and other times gets upset and cries. The worried glances at her swollen stomach do not mean anything to her, it’s just the pain that troubles her. And all I do is look at her helplessly and pray to God to make her alright." - Sonipa, Mother.

Sonipa and her husband Hazrat have nothing with which they can pay for the hospital charges. Hazrat works as a sari weaver in Nadia, West Bengal. He earns 200 Rupees a day. He also does farming when he does not get any weaving orders. His income is just sufficient to put food on the table. 

"Her stomach had swollen and she kept crying. Her body was burning with a high fever. I panicked and gave her medicines but none of them worked. My husband was not there that day. So the next day we took her to a hospital. We did not have a penny with us that day...” – Sonipa, Mother. 

Somehow, by borrowing money from relatives and friends, Hazrat managed to take his baby to Kolkata which is the nearest city from their village. There, the initial tests were done through which the doctor diagnosed baby Endikka’s cancer.

Baby Endikka has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare kind of cancer that affects the nervous tissue of the adrenal glands.

The parents don't even know what cancer means. They just know that their baby might not live without treatment. 

“Hazrat and Sonipa are heartbroken after knowing about their little daughter’s condition. They are not educated enough to understand the medical terms but they know that their baby’s life is in danger.  Hazrat could not even travel with us to Bangalore for the treatment as he needs to continue working so that his wife and daughter can eat at least once a day. He sent me instead to take care of his family. All of us are trying our best to save our little girl. Yet we need help."– Istreyel, Endikka's Uncle. 

The doctors have said that Endikka needs chemotherapy followed by surgery to recover. It will cost 5 Lakh Rupees at the least. These poor parents cannot afford such a huge amount and are in dire need of your contributions.

Baby Endikka’s condition is critical and needs to undergo treatment immediately. The parents beg for your help to save their daughter.

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