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Farmer Struggles To Save His Brain Damaged Baby Girl, You Can Help
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"My 11-month-old daughter Aastha is in the ICU- her brain is damaged. Aashta was born as a normal baby and she was such a happy child but now all of a sudden she is so malnourished that I can see her bones...she can’t even speak. She is dying slowly and there’s nothing I can do. We have shed a lot of tears for Palak, and now we’re losing our second daughter too,” – Ajit, Aashta’s father. 

'She is a living dead body’ - that’s what Ajit and Dimple have to say when you ask about their elder daughter, Palak. She is brain dead. she has neither moved nor spoken a single word to them.  She just blinks but doesn’t even move her eyes. Ajit and Dimple have struggled a lot for the last four years, taking care of Palak, with hardly any improvement in her health.  Now without help, Aastha will also not survive.

When Aashta was born, Ajit and his wife Dimple found a ray of hope. But an unknown brain disease took away all their happiness. Aashta is battling for her life in the PICU and Ajit, a poor farmer from Varanasi who has begged from every person he knows, has nothing left to save his dying daughter.

Aastha's Health Deteriorated In Just A Month

“She was fine until the 25th of May but then she became so weak due to a high fever. She also got severe loose motions. She would pass stool 6 times a day. Within just a month she lost so much weight too, she is so thin! I took her to several thospitals but her condition kept getting worse. When we got her to Mumbai, she was so critical that I had to rush her to the ICU from the train station and the doctors said that anything could happen. I just want her to be healthy and happy...I don’t want anything more in life.” – Ajit.

Apart from the fevers and diarrhea, Aastha’s brain is getting damaged too. She’s been on life support since the past week and she needs to remain in the ICU for a few more weeks. That is her only hope of survival but Ajit has absolutely nothing to save her. 

Aastha’s Mother Has No Idea How Critical She Is

“The train to Mumbai took 31 hours and she was so critical that I thought she would not make it. Dimple couldn't come with us because she has to take care of Palak. Dimple calls me every hour. Sometimes, I don’t pick it up or lie to her by saying that Aastha is fine. She''ll be heartbroken if she found out that her second daughter too might die if...,” – Ajit

Ajit Is Roaming Around In The Mumbai Rains Trying To Get Help

Ajit is a simple farmer in Varanasi who earns Rs. 6000 every month. Just within a month, he has paid over Rs. 4 lakhs for Aastha’s treatments, most of which was borrowed. 

“I had begged every neighbour and friend of mine to help. I am left with nothing now, there’s nothing left to sell too. I don’t know how such horrible things happened to both my daughters. While Aastha is battling for every breath, I am roaming around in the heavy rains just begging strangers for some money. I don’t know anyone here in Mumbai. If you can help save her, I will be in your debt forever.”

Ajit and Dimple’s first daughter is brain dead. She can’t respond if someone calls her. Over the past month, 11-month-old Aastha's brain is damaged too. She’s on life support and she needs to remain in the ICU if she were to have any hopes to live. Ajit is a farmer and he needs Rs. 4 lakhs to save his daughter and his only hope is you.  

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