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At Just 6 This Boy Is In The Hospital Battling Cancer And He's Failing

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“Blood cancer! I still don’t want to believe that my son is going through this. He is just 6! How can he… every day I watch him getting weaker. His smile... his smile is fading away.” - Arti, mother

Two months ago Arti and Anil’s whole world changed. Their son, Aarush, who never rested even for a second is now fighting cancer. He needs chemotherapy for 6 months, which they are struggling to afford.

His little body is not able to take it

“He used to be so scared of injections but now, with all the constant pricking, he just got used to it. But the side effects, they... they are inevitable. Whenever he gets the chemo injection, his little body is not able to take it. Mouth ulcers, itching and weakness are the most common, but the pain is the worst.” - Arti

Their weekend trips to parks have turned into visits to the hospital

Aarush is very prone to infections and remains indoors most of the time. It is only when they have to take him to the hospital that he steps out. Sometimes they have to stay for days in the hospital and it is tiring for little Aarush to stay in doing nothing but lying on the hospital bed.

“It’s heartbreaking to tell him no whenever he asks us to take him outside to play.  As my husband and I were busy at work during the weekdays, we used to take him for picnics every Sunday to the park and spend time with him there. But now... we spend all our time in hospitals mostly.”

What I earn is not enough to save him, I am afraid I might lose him

All Arti and Anil’s saving were spent in the initial test to diagnose the cancer itself. Anil works as a helper in a private firm whereas Arti had to leave her job to look after Aarush.

“What I earn is just enough for the meals for my small family. I have taken loans to start his chemo but… I am unable to continue. I fear I might lose him if I can’t…” - Anil, father

Aarush needs your help to fight cancer. But 10 lakhs is more than what these parents can afford. Your contribution can give him a chance to live a normal life.
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