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13-Year-Old’s Damaged Kidney Has Put Him Through Unbearable Pain
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“He doesn’t know much about his condition, and we haven't told him anything because being in the hospital for so long has really scared him. Nothing of this sort has ever happened to him before… he’s in constant pain and has difficulty moving around. He’s always begging me to take him home, but I can’t… I can’t bring myself to tell him what’s going on.” - Kamlesh, mother

He would clutch onto his side in pain and barely be able to take a few steps

Ever the football fanatic, 13-year-old Amit Valmiki would usually be butting heads on the playground, almost always scoring a goal and basking in the afterglow of a victory. But in October, last year, the boy that had been running around, suddenly started to wobble on his feet, complaining of pain in his side.

"It was too agonizing for him, and some days he couldn’t even stand up. Then his stomach began to bulge out and slowly his other body parts too started to swell. From there on things just got worse. He would frequently vomit, there was blood in his urine and he would even have trouble passing motion. We consulted a local doctor, who ran some tests. The results said he had a serious kidney problem and needed to be admitted immediately...” - Ranjit, Amit’s older brother

The medicines didn't work and his condition only worsened

Amit was hospitalized and under observation for about 6 days, before being discharged with a prescription of medicines he had to take for the next two months. But his condition didn’t improve at all.

“We went back to the doctor, and his medication was changed - this time to some expensive ones that we struggled to afford. But that too was of no use. His condition deteriorated so much that he even got some boils on his skin. Seeing my once healthy boy like this, really scared me. After a lot of effort, my older son was able to find a hospital where we could get Amit treated..” - Bhagavandas, father

His kidneys are unable to function properly because of an infection

Amit was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a kidney disorder that is causing his body to excrete too much protein in the urine. Now, along with a damaged kidney, Amit also has kidney infection. He has been unable to urinate and pass motion properly and hence, has excess fluid buildup in his abdominal area.

His movement has been impeded because of the excruciating pain he is experiencing. He needs to continue a course of expensive medicines and requires prolonged treatment in order to recover, but the cost is beyond his family’s means.

Hailing from a poor background, his family has no means of affording his treatment

“I am only a small employee at a courier service. Our parents are old - my mother has weak eyesight - and neither of them can work. I am the sole breadwinner and my salary is barely enough to get us by. With my brother’s medicines costing us thousands of rupees each day, I have already spent 1.5 lakh rupees so far. Now, 8 to 9 lakhs is just impossible for me to afford. Amit wants the pain in his side to disappear soon, so he can recover and play football again. I want to help, but without the money for his treatment, I am failing miserably…” - Ranjit

Amit is a fighter, and every day of his life now is pretty much a battle that he is adamant on winning. He can only do it with your help. Your contributions can help him get back in the game.

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