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She Pleads Her Mother To Save Her When Even Medicines Cannot Help
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10-year-old Harini should have been playing around and live a carefree life. Instead, she is thinking about death! Not bearing the pain, she wishes to go to heaven. Her parents are devastated hearing such words from her. She is diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease and needs a transplant to survive.

Harini is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage IV

Hari was born perfect health. Everything went well until she turned two. She had swelling in her eyes, within few days her whole body was swollen. Her body turned into yellow colour. She was rushed to the hospital.Her parents Jayanthi and Sasi Kumar were devastated when the doctors told that she has a chronic kidney disease. Since then she has been in continuous treatment, injections and medications. In all these years, she has spent most of her time in the hospital. She has hardly been in school and home.

It has been more than a year since Harini went to school. She is forced to discontinue her studies because of her health condition. Injections and medications taken all these years have a huge impact on her. Her calcium level dropped drastically and this has twisted her right leg leaving her unable to walk. Every now and then, liquid is taken out from her stomach due to the infections. She couldn't stop itching and it leads to bleeding. She cries out in pain, she is given high dose of medicines and injections to relieve her from the pain but nothing is helping her.

Sasi Kumar had a heart attack soon after her daughter had fits

"Imagine a 10-year-old saying she has to die! How can any mother bear this? I don't know where she learnt these words! There are many kids like her in this ward. I have seen them dying, but I don't tell her when she asks about them. She somehow understands that they have left the world. She can't bear the pain, she is pleading to help her. What can I do? If she goes, I'll go with her! I can't bear this!"- Jayanthi.

A year ago, Harini was admitted to hospital for more than a month. When she was discharged and came home, Jayanthi gave her a bath, suddenly she got fits. Parents were terrified, Sasi Kumar collapsed on the floor, she thought he fainted due to shock and rushed him to hospital. It was worse than she imagined, Sasi Kumar had a heart attack and he was in the hospital for a month.  

Harini cries out in pain, she bleeds due to the itches in her body

Sasi Kumar feels guilty, he couldn't bear to see his daughter suffering in pain. He and his wife are in constant tears. They were hopeful that medicines would help her but day by day her condition deteriorated.Doctors said that she has reached the final stage and only a kidney transplant can save her life. Unfortunately, they cannot afford it. They have spent everything they had. They do not have a rupee left.

"I feel so guilty when she pleads to save her. Despite seeing her bleeding and crying for help, I'm watching her helplessly.I can't forgive myself if anything goes wrong. I can't imagine losing her. She has only seen pain in her life. She deserves a happy life. I will not ask for anything in life but to give her a pain-free and happy life." - Sasi Kumar.

Harini needs a transplant to save her life

Harini's stomach is bloated, she is in constant pain. Her medicines and injections are mounting up every day.Sasi Kumar and Jayanthi have two more children to take care of, Sri Hari (8), Mythili (7). Sasi Kumar is struggling to support his family with the meagre income.

Harini needs a kidney transplant at the earliest

How you can help

Sasi Kumar works as a tailor and he is the sole breadwinner of the family. He earns Rs 8000 per month on an average. He has sold his wife's jewels and exhausted all his savings. He is neck deep in debts. Harini can be free from this pain and trauma only if she has a transplant and they require around Rs 10 lakhs. Only your support can save her life.

Your contribution can help Harini to survive!

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