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Urgent Liver Transplant-Contribute for New Life Of My Generous Father.

My father,R.L Kesarwani who have spent most of his life offering charitable medical services(MBBS) at Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh,aquired Hepatitis B during one of this charitable medical procedure(Needle prick injury from hepatitia b positive patient) in 2003.Gradually he developed Chronic Liver disease & Liver Cirrhosis in 2009.He is now in Decompensated Statge with refractory ascites needing an urgent Liver transplantation .This disease has degraded his health very rapidly in this 5 years.He rarely charged his patients & if charged ,30-35 rs  for consultation including medicines.That too,so that he could get us educated.I have seen no one like him untill now.He have no greed for money.Full of values & self respect .On being told by doctor that the only option left is Liver transplantation.He straightway refused saying,we small people cannot afford this costly Life offered  by you.I want to prove that people status in society is not a measure of his financial status but his selfless work & contributions to it.Even our Constitution gives us Right to Live,irrespective that person is poor or rich.And my father is very rich ,by his work,values & idealogy.I don't want persons like him leave us lonely in this new world of fame & money.
Papa used to visit different primary schools of remote villages & do free health checkups & supply needed medicines to children there.He tried his best to bridge the gap & provide basic level of health care which is lacking in those remote parts of India.He even continued visiting these needy poor chirdren even when he developed liver Cirrhosis & fluid in his abdomen.We salute his dedication & selfles service to society .He has won many prizes for his selfless service towards society.But ,now none of it is proving useful in saving his own life.I have just finished my graduation & is in search of job.
Never imagined situation will come that money will be the only deciding factor for my fathers life. I feel helpless to see my father's condition(Admitted in SGPGI hospital,Lucknow) .
Doctor's at Medanta Medicity hospital,Gurgaon told us that his 85% liver is damaged & to manage around 50 lakhs for his Liver Transplantation.I will be donating a part of my liver to my dad.I request you,to do your part,if god has made you capable of giving my father a new life.I'll pray to God to help you in your needs.We have been given a very short timespan for transplantation.Your 5 mins. of today can give new life to my dad. So I request you to act fast ...
Shivaam Kesarwaani

My evaluation as a donor.Everything gonna fine.
My evaluation as a donor.Everything gonna fine.
First visit to Sir Gangaram Hospital@23/01/2017
First visit to Sir Gangaram Hospital@23/01/2017
Sgpgi Hospital File2-Needs Urgent liver transplant
Sgpgi Hospital File2-Needs Urgent liver transplant
Papa during free health checkups of school children
Papa during free health checkups of school children
Sgpgi Hospital File-Needs Urgent liver transplant
Sgpgi Hospital File-Needs Urgent liver transplant
Medanta assessment by Dr.A.S Soin
Medanta assessment by Dr.A.S Soin
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12th February 2017
Thanks a lot to all of you.You all have spent your precious time,care & money for well being of my father.
Doctor at Sir Gangaram Hospital ,Delhi advised an urgent admission of father for  planning an early transplant.He said he needs 10 days to make him fit for surgery & that will cost me extra of around 3 lakhs.
They asked me to arrange the money for transplant at earliest.
I have been ordered some investigations to be get done tommrow.
I still have to collect & manage the transplant package amount...
Here expenses are increasing day by day & are becomming difficult to manage.
But God & you people are with us ,everything will be fine soon.
Stay blessed.
Shivaam Kesarwaani

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Satyam take care brother. Everything will be fine soon.

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I m sure uncleji will get well soon!! Don't worry satyam, we r always with u!!

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