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Student Home for Girls from poor families in Kerala, India
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Why am I fundraising?

Now, we are planning to build a Gurukulam, student home, dedicated to girls from extremely poor families. These families struggle to provide more than one meal per day, and education is considered as luxury and is not possible for these children. Children are the main victim of poverty, and young girls are at high risk of abuse such as child labor and trafficking.

Swami Tattvarupananda Sarasvati ji is currently managing such a Gurukulam for boys and there are 30 boys in the Gurukulam since 2005. The children, who live in the Gurukulam, go to the local school and the Gurukulam provides basic needs for their daily activities. In addition to the basic needs, the Gurukulam preserves the traditional Indian culture of a lifestyle base on Vedic heritage. The daily schedule includes study of vedic scripture, prayers in Sanskrit Yoga Asanas and Pranayama. The children learn how to take care of themselves and help their families and community.

Our goal is to give these children the chance to grow and find a path and light to a brilliant future and become responsible citizens.

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What do I plan to do with the funds?

The land is acquired, but in order to build the student home, it requires 21000000Rs. 500000Rs was already raised by a Japanese team, so that the total will be 20500000Rs.
Construction: 20000000 (Foundation - a part is done, Structure and Façade)  -(minus) 500000Rs, which is already raised.
Interior: Furniture, windows, doors, electricity wiring: Rs.600000
Solar power and electrocity generator: Rs.400000
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Q. How do you get consensus from parents?

A. Parents are the ones who are looking for a place where they can send their child to educate. Parents want to educate the child but cannot to do so because of their finical situation. They are looking for a safe place. We are running the student home for boys last 9 years, and local people know us and they have trust in us. 

Q. Are children going to see their parents while staying the Gurukulam?
A. Yes. They go and see their parents whenever they have school holidays. Parents can come and see the child whenever they want. If there is any emergency, we always give permission to take their children. 

Q. What are the age range of children?
A. Gernerally, we take the children into Gurukulam between 9 and 11 years old. Once they are in Gurukulam they can stay till 17 years old. 

Q. Do they go to college? If so, how the tuition and living fees are supported?
A. If a child want to go to college, we will arrange some facility outside the Gurukulam. We are not charging any fee from the children. We support the children with the help of people. 

Q. Where is the current Gurukulam for boys located?
A.In Trivandrum. Kerala’s Capital city. 

Q. Can we visit the existing the Gurukulam and the one is going to be built?
A.Yes. There are rooms for guests to stay.

インド貧困層の女子小学生の為のグルクラム(寄宿舎) の建設をしております。貧困層の子供達は一日一食もままならない家庭環境におかれていて、学校に通う事ができていません。そのような子供達に健康、教育、自立を提供するのがこの寄宿舎の目的です。子供達は寄宿舎で生活し、地元の学校へ通います。基本的なケアだけではなく、ヴェーダの勉強、サンスクリット語でのチャンティング、ヨーガなどの伝統文化の継承も一日のスケジュールに組み込まれています。

現在は男子学生のための寄宿舎がケララ州トリバンドラムにあり、Swami Tattvarupananda ji(下写真中央)が2005年より管理・運営しております。現在30人の男子学生がこの寄宿舎でSwami jiと生活をしております。


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