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Join our wedding celebrations as we help acid attack survivor Deepmala with her medical treatment

About Deepamala

Deepmala has lost her vision and her face is severely disfigured after she was attacked with acid by her husband. She needs help for her treatment and specialised care. The money raised from this campaign will be used to fund Deepmala's treatment at a specialised hospital. A part of the funds will also be given to Deepmala's family.

Who we are and how we help

Make Love Not Scars ( a unique youth initiative to rehabilitate survivors of acid attacks and other forms of gender-based violence and discrimination and facilitate their integration with society. We are a group of energetic, passionate and committed youth who are keen to make a positive impact on our society through meaningful groundwork.
Leveraging social media for our first campaign, we created a Facebook page for acid attack survivor Rekha (, which helped in raising close to USD 1,500 for Rekha. We donated the funds to a reputed private hospital in Bangalore, where Rekha is presently undergoing treatment. Later, we raised around USD 3,500 for Rekha through Indiegogo, and these funds are also being used for her treatment. Our campaign has also helped acid attack survivor Monica achieve her dream going to Parsons School for Design in New York, USA to study fashion designing.
Through our website (, we plan to showcase survivors of gender-based violence from across India and even other countries through video-blogs, stories, short films and artwork. The website will be the face of our activities on the ground, which will include support for their treatment (including plastic surgery), support for justice through the judicial system and rehabilitation through employability training.
Reshma's campaign is the second (after Rekha's) in the series of immediate response campaigns that we will be doing for treatment and plastic surgery of survivors of acid attacks and other forms of gender violence. All our campaigns are transparently managed, regularly updating contributors about the total amount collected and details of expenses made.
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21st December 2015

Dear supporters, 

We wanted to update you that Deepmala is presently in Chennai doing her surgeries at a private hospital. We sent our Fellow, Uthra to visit Deepmala in the hospital and this is what she had to say: 

" Before I met Deepmala, I didn't really read up her story. All I knew was that she was an acid attack victim. Wanting to be sensitive, I repeated to myself to be as natural as possible and not give any inappropriate reactions.

But the minute I met her, she put me at ease, enquiring about the recent floods and general scenario. A little shy at first, and then we struck up a good conversation. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, she has travelled far for her treatment to Chennai. Her face was completely covered and I could see only a part of her ruined eyes.

A slew of operations hasn't dampened her spirits, and the day I met her, she was getting ready for another eye surgery scheduled for the following day. The doctors have decided to restore her vision first before performing any other procedure. Deepmala has spent a couple of lakhs (6-7 lakhs) on her surgeries till now and still has a long way to go. She plans on getting all her surgeries and procedures done in Chennai.

Before I left, she showed me her cheeks where a bone had been grafted, to be used for her eye surgery. There were scars, for she was another victim of a heinous crime, but her endurance and perseverance is to be admired. "
- Uthra, Milaap Fellow

P.S:  We are unable to share photos of Deepmala with you as she was not comfortable with photographs at this time of treatment. 
6th July 2015

This is to update you that we have withdrawn Rs 40,000 from this fundraiser to help a family of acid attack survivor Usma, who was severely injured in an acid attack in Meerut. (more details here:

The family has been admitted at Safderjung Hospital in Delhi, our volunteers in Delhi are in touch and are helping the family. The amount is now be given to MLNS volunteer Shaheen's account, as she is helping Usma and her family. The  funds will be used to purchase medicines and bandages for the victims.

As an update on Deepmala, I would like to inform you all that Deepmala is presently undergoing treatment for eye-lid reconstruction at Sankara Netralaya in Chennai. This treatment has been sponsored by Amar Ujala Foundation, Uttar Pradesh.  We will need the rest of the funds collected for Deepmala once she goes back to Lucknow and resumes further surgeries for her face and body at a hospital of her choice.

Haseena (acid attack survivor from Bangalore) and I are in touch with Deepmala on phone and I am also planning to visit her.  In the meantime, if any of you would like to speak to Deepmala, then I would be happy to arrange a call with her. Thank you so much for your support towards Deepmala. We truly value your kind contribution. 

Team, MakeLoveNotScars 

13th April 2015


After having connected Deepmala to Aijaz, brother of Reshma who is undergoing treatment at Bombay Hospital, we have also connected her to Haseena, who, is also an acid attack survivor and our in-house counsellor at MakeLoveNotScars. 

Deepmala has zero vision at present, but is able to see flashes of light when light is shown at her. She has hopes of regaining her vision, but first must undergo surgery to reconstruct her eye-lids after the current break.

Haseena has been counselling Deepmala saying that she must not lose hope and even if she does not regain her eyesight, she can use audio aids to learn computers and become independent like Haseena. Deepmala has a B.Ed degree and hence, rehabilitation should not be difficult.

Once we have had a few more rounds of conversation and Haseena is friendly with Deepmala, we can request for a call to be organised with Deepmala. Our next update, we will try to share the phone conversation with you. 

Please do let us know if you need any further information or update about Deepmala, and we will be happy to provide. Thank you so much for your contribution and support. 

Team, MakeLoveNotScars

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