Supporting the welfare of 47 rescued dogs

I am Preema Mendez. 37 year old.  A Tesco employee. I have been rescuing dogs since 2003. Today I live with 47 of them in my place in Horamavu, in northeast Bengaluru. I have been doing this for past 11 years and been depending only on my salary and frequent support from my friends.

My first rescue - Beta, an old Pomeranian dog

One day on my way to the office, I found an old Pomeranian dog near a bar. I noticed that she was visibly weak. Wary that my housing society may create an issue if they found out,  I smuggled her into my apartment. After observing that her condition didn’t improve, I admitted her to a veterinary hospital. While the doctor said chances of survival were limited, she recovered. Beta returned to stay with me until she breathed her last three years later. She was my first rescue. 

How can you help? 

With the increase in the number of dogs and 5 of them being sick, I have been struggling to make ends meet. Handling the feeding and medical expenses all by myself has been extremely difficult. These 47 dogs are my family and I am trying to my best to keep them happy and provide them all that they deserve.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

The priority will be get immediate medical attention to the 5 puppies and sick dog. Also the remaining amount will help me buy enough food for all 47 of them. Currently, I am spending 50-60k per month for food alone.


1. How do I know that you are Genuine?
I am doing the rescue and rehoming of stray and abandoned dogs from past 11 years. My work was featured in a couple of magazines and News 9. My Facebook account is Amee Mendez and my dogs got a page under Amee's Angels.

2. What exactly are doing with these dogs?
I rescue them, give them medical support and try to get them adopted to good families. Before adoption, I make sure to neuter/spay them.

3. What is the benefit you will get from doing this?
I started off this as a passion but now this is my family. I do not intent to have any monetary benefits from this. I am unable to take care of the expenses all by myself and I am looking out for support to keep these animals safe and happy.

4. Why are you not registered as NGO or a part of an NGO?
I am a single person started this as a passion and now it is my family. I still do not have that much of support (financially and physically) to start it as an NGO. Not wanting to be a part of any NGO was a personal decision.

You can also do a bank transfer to the below account 
Account number: 8080808010104440
Account holder name: Amee Mendez

our last months expenses
our last months expenses
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25th September 2017
Dear Supporters,

After the disastrous year we had and moving from one place to another, finally, we are about to settle down. We are always thankful for every support we receive. We will continue to make sure that we are there for the animals and do everything to make their life happy.

Each and everyone who donated to support us is always in our heart and prayers. We need your support and encouragement to continue. we would meet those who support us. Feel free to drop in and spend some time with us. You may reach out to us via the contact organizer button present at the bottom of the campaign page.

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Anonymous donated Rs.1,000
28 days ago

U r doing a great job madam

Shambhavi donated $30
3 months ago
Rebecca donated Rs.500
3 months ago

Animals are the best friends one can have

Anonymous donated $25
4 months ago

Jai Sai Ram

Veena donated Rs.2,000
4 months ago

God bless you Amee!

Asha donated Rs.2,500
4 months ago

Bless you Amee !