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We are solving the problem of the future. Yes! You heard it Right.

India is one of the youngest countries in the world!! Every third person in an Indian city today is a youth.

But do you know where our children, the citizens of tomorrow stand in terms of education? Well, we have something to share with you!

  1. India ranked second last among the 73 countries that participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), conducted annually to evaluate education systems worldwide by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Secretariat.
  2. Every fourth child in India (27.4 percent of total children) resides in urban poverty.
  3. More than eight million children under 6 live in approximately 49,000 slums across India.

Children in the Urban Slums attend schools in their locality but are made to learn the syllabus which was meant for children years & years back! Are they really learning? Definitely, NO! 

Even if we try a 1000 times to make a fish climb tree, it will end up her life believing that it is stupid! Every child has a different dream, different interests, different aspirations, different talents! But are fed the same syllabus! Is it fair? Think for a moment!

A. What different we do?
Yes! I Am Happy uses Origami as one of the many tools to teach children the 4Cs in Education - Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity.

With In-depth research of 5 years, we have designed our program in such a way that the children can enjoy & learn just by folding a sheet of paper. As many as 26+ concepts can be taught to the children merely by folding a square sheet of paper.

Origami is an effective tool that helps children develop their cognition, motor skills, understand the concepts in Mathematics, and have helped children and adults with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

B. Origami is magical. How?
We have a short story to share from one of our sessions in a government school in Surat. The children come from a community where Hindi & Urdu are their local languages. The school is a Gujarati medium, has English as their fourth language.

Our Modules have instructions in English. As a result of this children have to seek help from other children who are good with English. They also apply their critical thinking skills to read through the instructions and come up with origami designs and children collaborate over competing to learn and grow together.
Watch the video below:

C. Drivers of Change: Learn about our Happiness Agents!
With a prime focus on facilitating 21st Century Skills to the underprivileged children from urban slums, we are working towards creating a community of socially active youngsters dedicated to creating a positive change.

Our Internship program is a 2-month long process wherein students from different colleges across India are selected to study & learn with us multiple dynamics of the Indian Education System. These Interns then become the change agent and facilitate creative education using Origami as one of the tools to drive change. Currently, we have our 8th batch of interns with us. 

Check the anecdotes from our Interns:

D. Whom do we work with?
Yes! I Am Happy facilitates 21st Century Skills for Holistic Development of children living in the Urban Slums.
We work with the children in the age group 9-11 years, studying in classes 5 & 6 in the government schools are receptive to new ideas and opportunities and possess a fantastic ability to learn new things but at the same time are often overlooked and left behind in this 21st Century. Thus by supporting and working with children from this segment, we believe we can have the highest impact on their lives.

E. Annual Report & Work

We would love to showcase you our work,
click here. We are working on facilitating Creative Education in Urban Poverty through our Internship Program. You can check our Annual Report, here, to know more about our work.
F. Recognition
  1. Contributor, Photo Story, Global Education Monitoring Report, 2016 by UNESCO (Check Here)
  2. Recognition by Times of India on the eve of Joy of Giving Week, October'14. (Click Here)
  3. Interview and Coverage by IndiaSpark. (Click Here)

G. Change Starts from You!
Support us in reaching out to more children across India. Here is how we will utilize our funds we raise through this platform.

i. Utilization towards Providing the Origami Sheets (for our workshops) to 1200 children across 20 & 60 Interns/volunteers which include the following:
i.i. Origami Paper (1640 Packets)

i.ii. Chart Papers, Colors, and Stationery for 1200 children and 60 Interns
ii. Logistics & Packaging
iii. Workshops for 60 youth (4 recurrences) 

iv. Misc + Withdrawal Margin

This will include conducting free origami sessions for the adults, preferably the partner NGOs, interns, college students over social media or in person at colleges who can take this art forward. Whatever, the amount will be left after the target of reaching out to 2K people is met, the same will add up to preparing Origami Kits, additionally.


Rewards for Supporters
Surprise goodies from one of the children with a personalized thank you note! (For Donations 5000/- and above)

Visit: Website | FacebookInstagram

Please write to us, here, for partnering with us. 

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