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Help Laloo Repair His Flooded Home in Assam
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I have known Laloo Chetry for a while now. Like many in Bangalore, he too came here in search of work, leaving his family back in Assam. The many times we spoke, not once had he ever mentioned his family or stories from home. In fact, we call him 'Ram-rocha' which in Assamese means 'All is well'. He's always the person with the biggest smile around, always willing to lend a hand and infecting everyone he comes across with his laughter. For the last few days, that smiling, happy ram-rocha is gone.

Laloo is married and father of a 5 year old little boy. His eyes shine with joy seeing his son's picture wearing the LKG badge. It has been his phone screen saver for as long as I remember. His wife and son live with his parents and 4 brothers in a small village 200kms from Jorhat, Assam. With 2 buffaloes and 1 cow, the family makes a decent living. But barely enough to cover the living expenses of the entire family.
With the incessant monsoon rains across India this season, the recent floods in Assam have inundated his village causing immense damage to his house. The bamboo compound drained away in the flood. The cattle shelter collapsed injuring the cattle. It has been a month and the water still hasn't receded completely. A make-shift camp off the highway has been his family's home and will continue to be for next 15-20 days. The cattle have been sick, and mostly starved due lack of sufficient income. Even after the water recedes, his home will be in no shape to live in unless repaired. 

How can you help?

Though Laloo wants to be there with his family in such tough times, he has been working hard to make every penny count. Over the last few days, I have seen nothing but a look of concern on his face. The house repair will cost roughly 50,000 INR. I am helping him fundraise for the repairs of his flood damaged house. Every little support will help Laloo and his family to live in a house they deserve. Many like Laloo need help during such natural disasters, and I hope we can come together to contribute just a little bit. Every penny counts towards the repair and reconstruction of Laloo's family home.

If you are unable to contribute, please share this campaign so more people hear and start talking about the Assam floods. Hundreds of thousands have already been displaced in Assam, and the rain isn't stopping. Thanks so much for all your help.

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