I Need 7 lakhs To Save Her From Cancer But I Have Only Hundreds

“I’m ready!” she would shriek every morning as soon as she woke up. I know children to hate school. My 4-year-old could not wait to go to class with her older brother. She would push us to prepare breakfast and drop her off. It’s been 6 months. Rani has barely gotten off the bed, leave alone step out of the house. When her fever first appeared, I never thought we would end up here, with her fighting for every breath.

It was like any other day, except that she did not bounce out of bed. She did not want to go to school. I knew she was not pretending. She had a raging fever. I thought it was because of what she had eaten the day before. We went grocery shopping, and she wanted to have roadside food. I thought she would be fine in a few days. I was wrong.

With everyday, with every tablet she took, Rani only grew weaker. The fever got worse and before we knew it, 40 days went by. Even the doctors in our village were not sure of what was wrong. We had to go to the town a few times before one of the reports came back positive for cancer.

Nobody in our family had cancer. None of our friends struggled with this disease. We had only heard about it. Now, we see the pain it causes. Rani has cancer of her nerves. It is spreading in her body. She cries of stomach ache and coughs until she bleeds. She can barely sit on the bed because she is so tired.

In those 40 days, her disease spread and we did not know. She was already a little underweight. She lost 6kgs more. Now, all we can do is plead the doctors to relieve her pain. They said a surgery to remove the tumor could help. Even after the surgery, her condition is getting worse. They said little tumors are forming all over her body. She needs chemotherapy to stop cancer from spreading, reduce the tumors, and then a bone marrow transplant to cure her.

We cannot choose any one of these treatments. It will not be effective. She has to go through both to have a chance at living the rest of her life. We need Rs. 7 Lakhs for her treatment. My husband makes Rs. 400/day as a laborer. Some days of the week he does not even have any work. We do not have much savings. In fact, we had to borrow over a lakh for her first surgery. Now, even for Rani’s medicines, we have been begging our relatives for help.
With every passing day, my daughter’s health gets even worse. I can feel her slipping away from us. I have not seen her smile in a long time. These days she is too exhausted to even scream out of pain. We just helplessly watch her silent cries.

Your support can help me save my 4-year-old daughter. I’ll be forever grateful to you.
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Estimation letter
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14th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on the child's health.

She initially revived chemotherapy with which she had excellent response. It is Stage IV neuroblastoma, Subsequently she underwent surgery for removal of tumour from posterior mediastinum.

After recovery from surgey she was taken up for high dose chemotherapy followed by autologous peripheral stem cell transplantation. As part of treatment, stem cells were collected and stored at -80 c. Subsequently she received high dose chemotherapy followed by stem cell infusion.

Over next 15 days she has made wonderful recovery.

Below is the picture of the child :

Thank you for the love and support.

Dr.Krishna Reddy.
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