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26th September 2016
Narrowed down 5 Major villages:
I am glad to announce that I have narrowed down 5 villages near the vicinity of Batala city where my team will be visiting as soon as this campaign is over. The villages are 1.Panjgaraian 2.Tadhiala 3.Chahal Kalan 4.Daulatpur 5.Rasulpur . The reason for choosing these villages is that they are very close to Batala (Within 15Kms) and the candidates that are supporting me, also belong to these villages.

About the campaign

English, being an essential language nowadays, is only familiar for those living in the high ends of the society. However, this delicate skill, is almost out of the reach of those living in the rural parts of our nation. Although, they consider English to be a luxurious subject that often gets left out of their attention, the importance of this subject cannot be avoided in the future.

This situation can be improved substantially, if some individuals decide to take steps in this direction, which seems to be more than enough if collectively considered. Although, english is taught as a compulsory subject in most of the schools in India from the elementary stage, it is not emphasized on by those living in the rural outskirts of India, such as some backward cities of Punjab. Take Batala for an example, a big but not very developed city, located 35 kms from Amritsar, Punjab. Batala is the seventh largest city of Punjab, but the education level of those living in the neighboring Villages of the city is far below average. Punjabi is the mother tongue of the people here and is spoken by everyone with Hindi the second most spoken language. English is treated as an important language here, but it is not very popular among the rural inhabitants of the area. They do not understand the importance of the language while they are studying in elementary schools and when they grow up, the field of opportunities they can access is limited by their lack in the ability to communicate in English. They cannot explore the horizons of possibilities because they do not have the ability to survive in the metropolitan cities.
If they are aware about the importance of this language, and start focusing on it from an early age, they can excel in many fields that require good communication skills in english and can further lead to a growth in the overall development of the area. Keeping this aspect in mind, I have been giving  free of cost weekend coachings to those students that are below the line of poverty (children of rickshaw pullers,labourers etc), just to spread the word and make people aware about the usefullness of the language.The coachings cover up their english syllabus that is taught in schools along with some day to day conversations in english. Their hesitation that prevented them from adopting this language as a part of their life fades away slowly. A change is observed when I get a greeting in english from the 6 years old son of a man that sells fruits for a living.

Currently I am working as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) trainer in a private institution in Batala, where I teach advanced english language skills to around 20-25 students in a day.
Now, I am planning to take this little initiative to the next level by starting to cover a few nearby villages too. Right now, 15 students from 3 nearby villages come to my house every sunday for the coachings. The class goes on for around 2-3 hours and I give them some homework for the week to keep them occupied and in touch with the subject. Being able to visit other villages means that I will be able to spread the word to a larger public and generate their interest in this field. Moreover, I also have 5 young students from my day job that have volunteered to assist me in this task, in exchange for a little salary that they want for the time they will be dedicating for this initiative. For this, I am going to need some funds to start it up, as the money will be required to provide study material to the students (as most of them do not even bring a note book to the coaching), travelling expenses that will be needed , and to pay the students that will be helping me in this.

The amount that I require for the campaign will be used for the following purposes:

1. The salary for the 5 supporters : 2000 X 5 = 10000

2.Travel expenses of the 5 supporters (Considering 200/- for one individual for one day) : 200 X 5 = 1000 X 10 (Saturdays and Sundays) = 10000

3.English Grammar Books (Considering there are 60 students covered by the 6 of us) : 70 X 60 = 4200
4.Stationary for the students : 6000 (Annual Expense)

So, I hope to receive your support for this little idea of mine that has huge potential, if given enough support. The future of this campaign can take it to other states as well that are suffering from the same condition as that of Punjab.

In case you want to contact me , here's my email address:
I do not use facebook, so here's my Google+ profile, for those who need to connect with me socially for any other information :

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