Help This 5-year-old With A Liver Abscess Who Is Screaming In Pain

“He is kicking and crying every day begging for the pain to end. Even the doctor is unable to see a 5-year-old suffering so much from a disease that often affects people in their 60s.”

A few days back 5-year-old Dhanush was diagnosed with Hepatic Abscess. Hepatic Abscess is a severe puss infection in the liver which causes severe swelling and pain. The Abscess needs to be immediately treated to reduce the severity and further infection on the body.

We could only see his eyes and nose, everywhere else, he is red
Dhanush was in a serious condition when he was admitted. The abscess in his liver had begun to cause so much swelling and pain that he was unable to even walk. Ravi, a daily wage labourer who hardly makes Rs. 150/day is now struggling to pay the bills for the treatment that is keeping Dhanush’s disease at bay.

His parents cannot see him in this state and are willing to do everything it takes to help their son. Unfortunately, his father does not have the financial means required to pay for the treatment and is now desperate to gather the funds to help his son. 
" I am unable to arrange money for the treatment, tried all sources for help but could not get any. I request help in raising funds for my child’s treatment."

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Ravi has spent all the money he had on the medicines. He is unable to go to work as he needs to be by his son’s bedside. The bills have amounted to Rs. 1.76 lakhs. Without further treatment, Dhanush’s whole body may get affected.

Your contribution can help save this child’s life.
Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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25th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous love and support. This couldn't have been possible without you.

Dhanush is now doing well and was discharged from the hospital in September, 2017. He's going to be on medication for another three months, post which we will have to visit the doctor to see if there is any further course of action required.

He has been prescribed a few body lotions for now, to help him with his recovery. We are all hopeful and relieved. Thank you all once again!
4th April 2018
Dear supporters,
We thank you for your support.

Dhanush underwent skin biopsy on 14th March and according to the reports of biopsy, Doctors suggested that there has been improvement in his health. He will stay on medication for the next four months and he will do fine. There are still few black spots on his stomach, for which doctors have prescribed lotions. Previously he weighed around 11 kilograms but it has increased to 16.

Doctors will monitor him in the coming few months but as of now, he is improving and responding well to the medication. The family is very thankful to all the donors who contributed towards this campaign and request you all to pray for his speedy recovery.

Once again, a sincere thanks to all of you for the love you have shown towards Dhanush.

(Dhanush's father)
16th October 2017
Dear Supporters,
Dhanush came for his check-up and the doctors have informed that he needs a skin biopsy soon.

Please continue sharing the campaign with your friends and family. Thank you for the support so far. We will keep you posted on the progress.

-Dr Prashanth

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Anonymous donated Rs.1,000
8 months ago

Please get well soon. May God bless you!!! 😇

Balachandar donated US $158.73
8 months ago

Sincere prayers to God for his speedy recovery.

Nivedita donated Rs.500
8 months ago

God bless you...

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8 months ago

Get well soon

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8 months ago

God bless him

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