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Help Deepika fight shoulder cancer

Why Am I Fundraising

My name is Dr Pramod Chinder. One of my patients, 4-year-old Deepika, has been diagnosed with shoulder cancer. She required a major surgery to remove the tumour. With the support of my friends, we managed to complete her surgery. My colleagues and I waived off the fees to support Deepika, when we the family stopped the treatment and went back home. 

Her father is in electrician and mother is a homemaker. They are reaching out to their relatives for support but they are also from a poor background and cannot support anything significant.  

Deepika needs to undergo chemotherapy and we would need some help from you all. It would be great if some of you could pitch in to save this girl's life.

How Can You Help

Deepika's family is poor and cannot support her treatment. She has a good chance of recovery. Any support at this time will help save her.

Will ensure you receive regular updates. Funds collected will be directed to the hospital for Deepika's treatment. This is also to ensure that the funds are only used for Deepika's treatment and not utilised by the family for any other purpose.

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19th August 2016
Hi all,

This is Dr. Pramod Chinder. I have a very sad news to share. All was going well for Deepika till the last few days. She had only a few days of follow-up chemotherapy left. But she had a kidney failure and left us all. It was quite unexpected for a girl who was recovering. After all that effort, it was a huge loss for the family and us. This makes me want to fight more to save my people from this dreaded disease. It has been a difficult time for me and my fellow doctors who knew Deepika so well.

I thank all of you who supported the family in this struggle. Do keep the family in your prayers.

-Dr. Pramod S Chinder
Orthopaedic Oncosurgeon,
HCG, Hospital.
23rd May 2016
Dear Supporter,

Deepika's doctor, Pramod Chinder, has conveyed a big 'thank you' to you through a video (Find the link below). Deepika is showing good progress and we can't thank you enough for making this happen.

Here's what Deepika's doctor has to say:

Click here to watch the video-

19th April 2016
Dear Supporter,

With your support, Deepika is undergoing treatment and is showing good progress. We spoke to her father yesterday. They were returning home after Deepika's chemotherapy. She gets admitted every 3 to 4 days for chemotherapy. This will continue for another three months. Deepika's father has a hard time convincing her and taking her to the hospital but he is happy the treatment continues and they don't have to worry about funds like before.

We will share more updates in the coming days.

Thank you.

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