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Help Me Increase Farmers' Income & Lower Food Wastage
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We believe in fair remuneration to farmers for the hard work they do to feed the ever-growing population of our country.
With favorable climatic conditions for all types of crops, India has huge potential in agriculture, but farmers are facing tremendous challenges in survival with low farm incomes. 85% of farmers in India fall under the small & marginal category, are more prone to debts and suicides.
By our innovative idea, we tend to increase farmers’ income by 40% and develop a unified model of crop planning to decrease India’s dependency on imports to keep demand & supply gap to the minimum.
How is the problem being addressed today?
Major issues pertaining to low farm income are:
  1. Fragmented land holdings
  2. Demand & Supply gaps
  3. Inefficient supply chain
  4. Imports of agriculture produce
To enhance farmer’s income, Government of India is running various programs to increase the quantity of the produce and also to increase profit margin with subsidized farm inputs.
On the other hand, private players & NGOs are also going an extra mile to eliminate the core issues, by:
  1. Providing direct market linkage to farmers
  2. Providing guidance on sustainable agriculture practices
  3. Providing short-term micro-finance 
  4. Developing Farmer Producer Organizations
  5. Use of technology to manage the farms
In order to bridge the demand & supply gap and keep food inflation under check, inadequate measures are being taken to guide farmers by supplying them with information to plan their crops according to demand.
On the other hand, import duties are being relaxed which are further deepening the farm crisis with surplus imports. India is no more self-reliant in agriculture production and is becoming increasingly dependent on imports to meet its food requirements. India's import budget increased from Rs 56,196 Crore in 2010-11 to Rs 140,268 Crore in 2015-16 – a rise of 150%.

Challenges faced by Indian Agriculture_________________________________________________________________________________

What is our Innovation?

Crop And Market Linkage (CRAMAL)  is based on data analytics and artificial intelligence which will consider climatic conditions, soil quality, market demand and supply while predicting the suitable crops for the farmers of the given area & market demand of areas that can’t produce that particular crop. It also provides information about how much area is needed to be sown for a particular crop to meet the overall demand and how much has already been planned/planted by other farmers.


What are the socio-economic benefits of our innovation?

Most vital impact of CRAMAL will be on the monetary improvement of small & marginal farmers, who can defy the odds of market price fluctuations.
Other than that, CRAMAL will also serve as:
  1. Mode of gauging the implementation of government policies at grass root level
  2. Backward linkage for the feedback on government policies
  3. A base for developing trade policies for the government of India
  4. Bridge for the gap between farmers and:
    1. Food processing industry
    2. Agriculture Input industry
    3. Agro Tech startups
    4. Financial institutions
  5. It will increase farmer’s share in consumer money
  6. It will serve as a path for educational improvement of rural population
CRAMAL can be of great help and will serve as a base to any consumer industry which wants to expand its reach in rural India.
CRAMAL will encourage micro-entrepreneurship as well as have potential of generating 6.5 lakh jobs in rural India.
Preventing Climate Change with CRAMAL

What is unique about CRAMAL?

  1. It is free for farmers
  2. It is another step in connecting villages and panchayats with rest of the nation, deriving a change at the grassroots level
  3. It will serve as a base for all the technological advancements being made in the agriculture sector
  4. It will serve not only to agro-based industries but will also pose a great help in deriving the change at grass root level acting as a feedback mechanism for the government and NGOs  
  5. It will help the government in developing trade and agriculture policies with respect to actual and precise data from grass root level


 How will we utilize funds? We have 3 steps for product development going in parallel to each other:

  1. Software Development
  2. Market Research
  3. Farmer's Outreach
Funds collected will be utilized in running pilot project in Chandigarh with farmers of Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh.

Bifurcation of funds to be utilized:

Market Research Team:
Number of people: 5
Salary: 15000 Months:3
Total: 2,25,000
Traveling Expenses:
Number of People: 5
Expenses per person: 5000 per month
Total: 75,000

Farmer's Outreach: 
Number of People: 12
Salary: 15000  Months: 3
Total: 5,40,000
Traveling Expenses:
Expenses per person: 5000 per month
Total: 1,80,000

Software Development:
Developers: 5
Average Salary: 100000.  Months: 3
Total: 15,00,000

Office Space  & Other Amenities: 100000
Months: 6
Total: 6,00,000
I have taken into account only 3 months for salary calculations as we intend to present our product to GOI for further sponsorships. 


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