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    Mitesh Dubey
I have started a latest online store to sell all latest mobile phone covers online and soon to cover all accessories and other things.
I along with my younger brother have started and E-commerce website. I have already invested all my savings to initiate this process. But Now I need money to give salaries to people who are working for me or will work for me in near future, I have around 5 jobs rite now, But since I am just a start-up I don't have money rite now to pay them salary, I need money to distribute salary for at least a year,
I need money to run Advertisements so that this dream of mine can Grow sooner and could create an impact.
That's Why I am not able to hire any one new. If I get a good Fund I will be able to hire, pay and grow soon. Our team has 3 full time 3 part time people, who are doing all the jobs needed in a possible E-commerce, But We need more people now and for more people we need money to give them salaries.
I am walking on a way to create new jobs around 500 jobs soon Within 2-3 years if I get good fund.

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