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8-Month-Old's Badly Damaged Liver Does Not Even Let Him Eat
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“My 8-month-old baby, Chinna cries all night. Sometimes he cries because he is very hungry. But if I try to feed him, he instantly passes it through his motions. For a mother, it's very painful to see my baby go to bed hungry every night. Even the warmth of my embraces doesn't make his pain go away. All this is happening because of his fatal liver disease. He needs a transplant, and the more we delay his transplant due to poverty, the more closer he is to succumbing to his liver disease.” Rajita, Chinna’s mother.

Chinna has been suffering since birth and liver disease has only made it worse

When Shekhar and Rajita welcomed Chinna, their elder son, Ritwik was the happiest. He now had someone to play with and share his things with. Ritwik had told Rajita that when his sibling arrives, he will take care of him and not let him go anywhere. But his thoughts and happiness were short-lived. The dangerous liver disease might take Chinna away from his brother forever.

“My little baby has been suffering since his birth. When he was born, he had severe breathing problems. Seeing him struggle to breathe so much, Shekhar and I thought that we had already lost him. But after 3 days of ICU care, he survived. Little did we know, that it was just the beginning of our woes. Soon after, he got jaundice and again had to be admitted to the hospital.”

Abnormal blood clots and recurring jaundice were signs that the baby had something deadly

Even though Chinna was discharged after 10 days, his health deteriorated. The little baby was diagnosed with a liver condition called biliary atresia in which the bile ducts are narrowed or closed. After he was discharged, he underwent phototherapy to keep his jaundice at bay. Little Chinna also lost weight drastically.

“It took us 3 months to know that my little baby has a serious liver condition. I knew something wasn’t right when his jaundice refused to go away for months. My doubts grew when after his blood test he got blood clots in his hand. The clot was so prominent that it seemed like someone beat him up black and blue. The doctors told us something was very wrong with him. Soon after his disease was detected, we saw random clots developing around his belly.”

Chinna’s parents were forced to pull their elder son out of school because of their situation

Little Chinna is in so much pain. His eyes are completely yellow and his belly is swollen. But even after 8 months, there has been no improvement in his health. Instead, his condition is worsening rapidly. The little baby needs a liver transplant before his liver gets completely damaged and kills him.

“Now we have to go to the hospital very frequently. My elder son, Ritwik loved going to school so much. He had to drop out of school because we were unable to manage both kids at the same time. Ritwik keeps asking me what has happened to his brother and I don’t even know what to tell him. I can’t tell him that we are on the verge of losing his baby brother.”

Sekhar hasn’t been able to work for 2 months and has no money to save his son

Baby Chinna’s father, Shekhar works as an office boy in a small company in Hyderabad. He somehow manages to earn Rs 6000 a month. For the past 2 months, Shekhar has not been able to go to work because Chinna’s condition has been deteriorating rapidly. He doesn’t even have the money to run his household, let alone bear the cost of the surgery.

“Shekhar and I were scared when we heard that the treatment will need lakhs. We haven’t even seen more than a few thousands in our lives, let alone Rs 25 lakhs that are required for his transplant. We are scared that we will lose our little baby. But all we knew is that we have to save him. He needs the transplant as soon as possible and we don’t even enough time to gather the funds.”

How you can help

8-month-old Chinna has a severe liver disease called biliary atresia which has damaged most of his liver. He needs an urgent liver transplant and his mother is the donor. His parents have exhausted everything they ever had. Without help, they will lose their little baby.

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