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Save This Young Mother's Life From Succumbing To A Deadly Disease

35-year old Chaithra was in the pink of her health except for a chronic back pain for which she received prolonged treatment. It all started with one fracture and soon her world collapsed around her. One night, while she was asleep, Chaithra ended up with a fractured arm and this turned her world upside down.

Initially treated for calcium deficiency, Chaitra received the most shocking diagnosis - Cancer. Although she went through chemotherapy, the doctor has advised her to go through a bone marrow transplant as it is the only option to help her get better that will cost around Rs 6,05,000 /-

Her Husband Prashanth works in a Xerox shop and earns around Rs 4000/- a month. They also have two daughters. They are from a small village 5 kilometers further from Kolar. Prashanth has a Xerox shop here. He lives with Chaithra, his two young daughters (Mahalakshmi and Nagapriya), and his elderly mother.

"I have made the hard choice to stay in Kolar with my ailing mother and children, while my wife is battling for her life back in Bangalore. If I leave everything and rush to her side, then we wouldn't have had even a rupee to pay for my children's school fees or my mother's medication or even the chemotherapy sessions for Chaithra so far. It is heartbreaking, but I see no other way out." - As Prashanth said

His daughters go to a school in the village.  His mother is a heart patient. Chaithra and Prashanth take care of the shop. At the max, after paying rent and other expenditure for the shop, they make around Rs. 4000 a month on an average.

How is she coping with the condition?

As Prashanth said- " Better than anyone would expect her to. She is staying with her mother. Her father passed when she was very young, so it has always been the two of them. I have to stay here in the village to care for our daughters and my mother. Also, if I close down the shop, then we will not have money for the treatment or pretty much anything else. She misses us all, and we are heartbroken as well. She is strong enough for all of us".

Chaithra is still in Bangalore waiting for the surgery that will save her life. Her children are waiting desperately to hear that their mother is going to be fine. 

Your contribution will help this family save Chaithra and bring her back home.
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Supporting document
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7th June 2017
Dear Supporters,

Chaithra's bone marrow transplant has been completed success. She visited the hospital twice for the follow-up blood tests, X-ray and medication. Doctors are happy and confident about her recovery.

Thank you all for making this happen and taking some part of your time for contributing and praying for her health. 

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