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27-year-old Basha suffering from a damaged pancreas needs help

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A month back Bukya Basha was brought into the hospital complaining of unbearable pain in his stomach and incessant vomiting. Upon diagnosis, Basha learnt that he had developed gallbladder stones which have damaged his pancreas causing Acute Pancreatitis.

Basha is the son of two daily wage labourers. Being the oldest of his siblings, from a young age Basha decided to make a better life for himself and his family. His hard work put him through college and landed him work as a manager at a construction site. He was finally able to take care of his parents, send his younger brother to college and make arrangements for his sister’s wedding.
 Basha at the site where he used to work before he became sick
However, this happiness was short lived when Basha learnt of his illness and is now in the hospital in excruciating pain. He needs to undergo a surgery which will remove the damaged part of his pancreas in order to start treating him.
 Basha has a painful condition that needs urgent treatment

Basha is battling an excruciating condition till he gets a surgery
Acute pancreatitis is a very painful condition. Till the family is able to come up with funds for treatment, Basha will not find any relief. But the family is struggling for even the most basic necessities and paying for a surgery seems impossible to them right now. His younger brother is even contemplating dropping out of college to take up a job to pay for his brother's surgery.

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Basha is the backbone of his family – the strong one who took care of everything. Without him, everyone is scared about what might happen. Untreated, his heart, liver and even brain might suffer damage. 

Contribute and help Basha make it through this painful condition.
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