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#BeBoldForChange. Empower NGO leader and help her learn English!

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Who am I? 
My name is Bani Das and I am co-founder of Kranti NGO, which empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light area to become agents of social change. I live in Mumbai for 14 years and at Kranti six years. 

About Me
I grown up in Kolkata in very poor family. I finish school in class 12th in Bengali and after I was forced to marry a stranger, I move to Mumbai. After one year, I have baby girl but husband run away and no come back. I alone in Mumbai, start looking for work for feeding my daughter. 

I work in many different different organizations then I met Robin in my first job. There I working seven years to rescue sex-workers but I not like the job. NGO is treating sex-worker very bad but I no option for helping them because I take care of my daughter so I must have job. 

And then I have more problem. My father is death and I bring my four sisters from Kolkata to Mumbai and even my mom so then I taking care of all seven people! But I am happy that in that same NGO I meeting Robin and we start Kranti to give girls from red-light area choices for there life. 

My Goal
Six years we running Kranti. I love my job but some time I feeling no power because I not know good English...writing or reading. I want to work on english communication so I talk to everyone about Kranti, help Robin in fundraising and writing to donor, and also help Kranti girls there homework. I want to do many many things but because I not knowing good english, I lose opportunity to helping Kranti more. 

That’s why I decide this year I want going for long english program. Robin find a classes Thailand for me to study and also work in different different NGO to learn their work. After I come back I use experience and for helping Kranti more. 

My Dream
Maybe you thinking why English in Thailand why not India? But I wanting go Thailand because in six years I never have holiday from Kranti. I working at Kranti six year now but I’m never gone Kranti more than one week. So when school give me good english class I want go and focus just English and also on me. I finding cheap hostel for stay also. So my expense will be:

20,000 INR / $300 roundtrip flight and visa
20,000 INR / $300 two months housing
10,000 INR /$150 for two months of food
40,000 INR / $600 two months class, 25 hours/week
This is 90K INR or $1350 (and Milaap fees!)

Will you helping for going my dream English class??

Details for direct bank transfer / UPI payments

Bank Account details:

Rs.16,650 raised

Goal: Rs.100,000

Beneficiary: Kranti info_outline

Supporters (4)

Anish donated Rs.10,000
Anish donated Rs.2,500
Ulf donated $25

Wish you all the best!

Kavita donated Rs.2,500