10-Month-Old Baby Girl Will Lose Her Limbs And Life To Gangrene

Her little fingers and toes have become completely black. Gangrene is eating away at her body. Her feet are swollen and she’s always in pain. She looks at us with her big eyes, pleading us to carry her, but we can’t even comfort her. She has tubes all over her body, stitches on her stomach and fear in her eyes.She lays on one side of her bed trembling and crying in pain, while all we can do is stand by her bedside and pray that she is saved from this trauma.”

It’s only now that 10-month-old Poorvi recognizes her parents. She has been so disoriented in the past two weeks that even her mother’s voice that once made her light up with joy, went ignored. Poorvi has been living with the trauma and pain of gangrene ever since she fell critically ill on May 28th. What started as a fever, soon turned into violent vomiting. Her little body lay weak and fragile in her father’s arms as he carried her to the hospital. In no time, her hands and feet started turned black and she was rushed to the PICU. Nagaraj and Sangeetha stood horrified as they realized that their baby was slipping away from them.

Baby Poorvi has symmetrical peripheral gangrene, dead tissue caused by lack of blood flow affecting fingers, toes and limbs. She also had bleeding in her intestine which was causing blood in her urine. She had surgery for the bleed yesterday, but she’s still not out of danger – gangrene still threatens her life.

How You Can Help

The only thing that can save Nagaraj and Sangeetha’s baby girl now is continued stay in the PICU. She needs to remain under strict observation for at least 7 more days before she can start recovering. Nagaraj works as a contractor and has already borrowed 4 lakhs for his baby’s treatment till now. He has no other way to save her and needs your help.
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Estimation letter
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20th June 2018
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Baby Poorvi was put off ventilator support but she's till in PICU and recovering. She's conscious and can make movements, she now recognizes her parents. Doctors have suggested that they will observe her for few more days as she still has some swelling in her legs. She also underwent a surgery last week which was successful.

As of now, she's being fed with the help of tube but there have been some improvements in her health.

Thank you so much for the love and support which you have shown towards her, we shall keep you all posted.

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Lord Nataraja will save her.. She will give all the strength...

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I had wanted to donate for Poorvi but had donated to Parvathy by mistake. On second thought, it may not have been a mistake. Was destined to support her too. Wish Poorvi recovers soon and spreads joy in her family.