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This 650 Gram Premature Baby Has Pneumonia And A Hole In Her Stomach
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“My baby was born 50 days ago and she has been in the hospital ever since. She has only gained 60 grams since birth. There is a hole in her stomach and she needs another crucial operation. Every day she’s always critical. She needs to be in the NICU for 45 days more. She is fighting for her life and not giving up, so there is no reason for us to give up too.” – Devendra, baby’s father.

Premature baby of Shyamali had only 1% chance of surviving birth

When Shyamali was 6 months pregnant, in April 2018, she went in for a routine check-up where she found out that there was an abnormal blood leakage. Shyamali was losing so much blood that even her own life was at risk. She was already critical by the time she got admitted.

“The doctor told us that to keep Shyamali alive there was no other option but to operate and remove the baby. I was also told that there were 99% chances that the baby won’t survive this because it’s 3 months premature and Shyamali’s condition is so bad. I was so worried about Shyamali that I didn’t even have time to react. But, by God’s grace, both Shyamali and our daughter survived. The baby weighed only 650 grams. She’s been swarmed with infections and feeding problems but she’s not showing signs of giving up. She is such an inspiration to me.” – Devendra.

Devendra and Shyamali looking at their baby fight for her life

The baby has a hole in her stomach and can’t gain weight

Just when the baby girl was 4 days old, she got a life-threatening stomach infection where her intestines were also damaged terribly. A hole needed to be made in her stomach to reduce the infection and save her life.

She was so critical that it was hard to even survive that. After the operation, she didn’t move her hands and legs for 10 days. I was so frightened. Those were the hardest. She survived that too, but her digestive system is damaged too that she can’t digest 30% of what she’s fed. She is as critical as the day she was born. In 50 days, she’s still just 710 grams. Even if the doctor says that she’s gained 10 grams, I feel happy. But she keeps losing weight randomly too.” – Devendra.

Shyamali and Devendra’s baby can’t breathe and needs one more operation

Just a few days ago, the baby also couldn’t breathe properly at all. She is on the ventilator fighting for her life once again.

“She has pneumonia and is suffering so much. My baby has been on life support for 50 days. She can’t leave until she gains weight. Even after she becomes around 1.2 kilos, she needs another corrective surgery to fix her intestines and stomach. Right now, she’s so weak that she won’t be able to survive the operation. There are so many complications, I hope she can survive and grow normally.” – Devendra.

Shyamali and Devendra

Devendra already spent Rs. 15 lakhs in a month and has nothing left

“Till now, I’ve given all my savings which were around Rs. 5 lakhs. I’ve borrowed around Rs. 10 lakhs from my relatives, friends and a bank loan. I’ve asked everywhere and it seems like my daughter will have to stay for, at least, 45 days more. How will I be able to afford this? In addition to this, there is the operation too. I’m just so devastated because in all this, I haven’t even touched my daughter, let alone pick her up.” – Devendra.

How you can help

Every day, Devendra needs to provide over Rs. 12,000 to ensure his baby’s survival. Since the baby’s digestive system is in shambles, Devendra purchases high-grade powdered milk every 10 days which costs Rs. 13,000. To keep his daughter alive, who has fought so bravely, Devendra needs Rs. 5.35 lakhs so that she can remain in the NICU. He can’t give her the life-saving treatments without your help.

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