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Help This Baby Girl Who Was Born Premature With 3 Holes In Her Heart
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When their baby girl was born, Priya and Ramesh were on cloud nine. They were glad that finally, they could have their own family but now their dreams have turned into nightmares. They might lose their 5-month-old precious daughter any moment to a heart disease without further treatment.

Priya's Baby Girl was born with 3 holes in her heart

At the beginning, Priya's pregnancy journey was smooth. Unexpectedly during her 7th month, she had labor pain and delivered a premature baby girl. Her daughter weighed exactly one kilo and was immediately rushed to NICU. The worse was yet to come. Priya and Ramesh were devastated when they heard that their daughter has three holes in her heart and needs an urgent heart surgery.

Priya's baby girl had breathing trouble and severe cold. Priya did not even get a chance to hold her daughter. She is allowed to see her baby girl in ICU only for few minutes. She is heartbroken to see her daughter in such a critical condition. Since she weighed only 1 kilo, doctors were focusing on helping her gain weight, after which she can have her surgery.

Even after a surgery, Priya's baby is on ventilator support

A week ago, this baby girl's condition became worse and she was wheeled in for an emergency surgery. However, her body was swollen after the surgery and she is still in the support of a ventilator. She needs to have a prolonged ICU stay till she recovers completely.

"I lost my parents when I was small, I was longing to have a child. Now I'm scared that I might lose her also. I feel guilty, I feel it is because of my fate, my baby is also suffering. We do not have anyone else to support us. I can't imagine going back home without my baby after spending 5 long months in the hospital," - Priya.

 Priya and Ramesh do not have their family support

Priya and Ramesh's marriage was not accepted by their families because they both belong to different castes. They both stand shoulder to shoulder during all the odd times.They were hopeful that their baby can overshadow all their sorrows but now their little baby girl is fighting for her life.

Ramesh has been running from pillar to post ever since the baby is born. He feels completely lost. There is no one to support him emotionally and financially as well. He consoles and gives hope to Priya because he can't bear to see her suffering.

Ramesh is running back and forth to hospital

"We haven't even named our baby. I'm scared! I do not have the strength to lose her. I'm not able to step out of the hospital even for a moment leaving my wife and my baby alone. We do not have money even for the next meal but more than that the fear of losing our baby kills me," - Ramesh.
Ramesh works in a salon. He cannot afford to take leave even for a day. He is restless and running back to the hospital, work and home all the day. They are not allowed to stay in ICU and cannot afford to pay for rooms. They go back to home, spend sleepless and painful nights only to come back to the hospital early morning every day.

This Baby needs a prolonged stay in ICU

It is still uncertain how long Priya's daughter needs treatment. If they continue the treatment without any interruptions, she has a high probability of recovery. Ramesh has borrowed money from everyone he knows and now he is completely helpless.

Priya and Ramesh are struggling to save their baby

How you can help

Ramesh works in a salon for Rs 5000 per month. He is not able to be regular at work because of the treatment. He has borrowed heavily and has no money left with him even to have 3 square meals. Ever after all these struggling, these parents are short of funds. This baby girl needs intensive treatment that costs around 2.5 lakhs.

Your contribution can give Priya's daughter a chance to live her life.

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