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An Aggressive Flesh-Eating Disease Will Kill This 1-Month-Old Baby
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The infection was eating away her skin. It started on the right side of her chest, and the wound slowly started to grow bigger. Her temperature was soaring, and she cried all the way to the hospital. She’s all alone in the ICU now. I can’t even touch her to comfort her anymore. The infection will only grow more fatal without treatment.”

What started as a raging fever for Pooja and Brijesh’s newborn, soon turned into a gangrenous skin infection that grew and spread so quickly, that she had to be airlifted from Bihar to Bangalore for treatment. The entire right side of her body turned red and black, like an open wound. As she twists and turns in pain, Pooja can’t help but break down. Without timely treatment, they will lose her forever.

The bacteria eating the baby's flesh can spread to the rest of her body quickly

A loud, painful cry woke Pooja and Brijesh up at 1 am on 15 June. Their baby was hardly two days old, and they had spent the entire day trying to pacify their newborn, but her fever wouldn’t subside. It was only getting worse, and Pooja noticed a redness on the right side of her chest. Their baby girl was soon diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that destroys the tissues under the skin and spreads quickly.

“Every time I close my eyes, I hear her painful cries and wake up, startled. My husband and I haven’t had a single day in this past month where we’ve felt hopeful. We see her in the ICU whenever we get the chance. She’s always crying because of the pain. I try calling out to her, but nothing makes her feel better. Nothing can save her but continued treatment.”

Pooja and Brijesh’s baby girl has already had a skin grafting surgery, but she’s not out of danger yet. She needs to stay in the ICU longer to recover completely.

The new parents see no way out of this misery without help

Pooja and Brijesh are beyond devastated. They now sit in the waiting room outside the ICU quietly, with nothing left to say each other. They’re filled with sorrow and guilt, blaming themselves every day for their poor financial plight. Brijesh works for a private company and earns 8,000 per month. He has no way to afford 7 lakhs to continue his baby’s treatment.

“After spending so much on her treatment already, we have little left to call our own. The only way she will survive is with medical care. Her damaged tissues need to be removed and she needs dressings every other. It’s important that she stays away from all infections, and that will only be possible in the hospital.”

How You Can Help

Pooja and Brijesh’s 1-month-old baby girl will only survive with strict medical care and attention. It’s the only thing that can save her from the trauma of her deadly disease, but her parents have nothing left to continue treatment. They’re desperately looking for any way to save their daughter and can do it only with your support.

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