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Help save Lakshmi and Nagaraj's 1 week-old baby

Born on September 6, 2016, Lakshmi's baby daughter's lungs are clogged. At the moment, she is on a ventilator and is being given medicines that will clear her lungs at Cloud 9 Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. The doctor is confident that the baby will get better. 

But for her parents putting together the money is a struggle. Her mother, who underwent a C-section to give birth, has checked herself out of the hospital to save expenses. Despite her condition, she travels from her mother's house to the hospital every day to see and feed her baby.

Difficulties and challenges are not new for them

Lakshmi, 28. and Nagaraj, 32, have already overcome many difficulties of creating what they dreamed of having -  a happy home.

Nagaraj grows ragi on his small farm in Narayanakere. He supplements this income by weaving 20-25 kgs of silkworm cocoons into threads. He makes up to Rs 6000 per month. He had to stop his education when he was 12 years-old because his eight siblings needed to be fed. He worked at the factory near their house and learnt making threads.

Lakshmi is a law graduate practising under a senior advocate, earning 2000 per month.  She plans to become an independent advocate. Her mother, a worked as domestic help, to make sure her daughter could have a good education. Lakshmi is determined to make her mother's years of sacrifice count.

When the two were introduced to each other, for marriage, Nagaraj asked Lakshmi if she wanted to marry someone who was an illiterate compared to her. Lakshmi said, as long as they were determined and shared same visions for their family, they could make it work.

The couple were industriously following their plan when Lakshmi became pregnant. The parents-to-be were thrilled and prepared to welcome their baby.  "But the baby became so sick as soon as she was born. Despite getting a caeserian, I checked myself out, so we can pay for my daughter's ventilator", she said.

Lakshmi visits the hospital everyday in her condition just to see and feed her baby.

Lakshmi and Nagaraj are very worried about their week-old baby. The hardest part for this hardworking couple is the helplessness they feel about helping their daughter. Even as they pray and hope she feels better, their bills are increasing.

The Hospital and its team of doctors have provided the best possible priority care for this baby. They have generously waived off as much as fee as possible and have applied for discounted service charges too. Please help the family cope with this difficult situation. "

They need to pay Rs 2.5 lakhs towards their baby's treatment. They have used up all their savings. Lakshmi sold her wedding jewellery to raise 1.5 lakhs. They need 1 lakh more to pay their bills.

Donate now and help this couple save their 1 week-old baby

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22nd September 2016
Dear Supporters,

Lakshmi's baby was in cardio and respiratory life support care for few days from 6th September. Baby recovered well and got discharged on 13th September.

After discharge, Lakshmi's baby is on direct feeds and in a stable condition.

Lakshmi and Nagaraj are very grateful for all your support. Your contributions have helped the little one get well.

-Team Milaap
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God bless her

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