This 5-Month-Old's Liver Condition Is Deteriorating Every Moment

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"We are from a small village, we could not take him to the doctor in time. But we thought he will be fine soon because it was just jaundice. Now the doctors are saying he needs a transplant."
Koteswari's baby boy is 5 months old now and was born with a liver disorder. The initial symptoms were those of jaundice. They come from a small village near Rajahmundry, which doesn't have easy access to healthcare facilities. Her baby's condition kept getting worse and they took him to a doctor, who diagnosed him with Biliary Atresia, and also told them that he would need a liver transplant soon.

The joy of parenthood instantly turned into a nightmare

The joy of welcoming her newborn into the world vanished even before it could become reality. Koteswari's baby has been suffering from the moment he was born. His skin and eyes were yellow, his stomach was swollen and he would pass white stool due to his liver disorder. He would cry all the time from pain and discomfort. After the diagnosis, they were referred to a hospital in Chennai that does free surgeries. They took their baby boy there and got his first surgery done. Although, the doctors told them that this surgery wouldn't be enough and that it can only temporarily help him recover. A liver transplant was inevitable.

"Our daughter wants to play with him. But we don't let her, since she may cause more pain to him. She doesn't know what happened to him. She's too young to understand, so we only told her that he was sick."

Koteswari and her husband Venkata Satyanarayana were completely shattered at the news of their baby's illness. The gravity of the situation is such that they have lost their sleep over it. They have a daughter, Deepika who is 6 years old and doesn't understand what's wrong with her baby brother. When she comes near him to play, their parents get her away from him, lest it causes more pain to their newborn. All Deepika knows is that her brother is sick and that she can't play with him. 

Satyanarayana's pocket can't afford the expensive treatment for his son

For a little baby of 5 months, the amount of pain and suffering he is going through cannot even be fathomed. He is too small to even tell his parents that it hurts. All he can do is cry. After spending a few days in the hospital, he was discharged. The doctors prescribed him medication and asked them to bring their son for weekly check-ups. The tests and medication cost a lot and his parents get them for his dear life, despite their poor economic status.

Satyanarayana works as a daily wage labourer for a meagre salary, and he is the sole bread-winner of his family. The money he makes is barely enough to provide food and school fees. He doesn't  have the means to afford this expensive treatment for his son. They are desperate to save him, but their financial status will not allow for their baby's treatment.

How you can help

Koteswari and Satyanarayana loaned a lot of money to be able to pay off the hospital bills. Now even these resources have run out and they again have no means to deal with the situation.

In order to save their son from a succumbing to the disease, Koteswari and Satyanarayana need your help. Your contribution can save their baby from an untimely death.    
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