Arathi's six day old baby is in a critical state in the ICU

 April 4, 2018 - I can look in my memory and recall how exactly I felt every passing moment. I had never experienced extreme joy and extreme shock so soon one after the other before this. I was in terrible pain during childbirth. I felt like all my bones were getting crushed together. But when my baby was born, I was in tears because they said, my baby was healthy. But very soon this perfect, tiny body started having seizures.  The nightmare had begun but the reality was much worse.

Arathi's Baby had seizures just a few hours after birth

Exactly after 5 hours, he woke up screaming. He was very sick and soon started having fits. He didn't open his eyes and wouldn't feed. Doctors suggested we take him to a bigger hospital. I was still in pain and tired but I couldn't imagine not being with my baby. We took him to another hospital.

His body swollen to twice its size, my son was out in intensive care. Something was really wrong. I saw tubes being attached to his small body and an oxygen mask over his mouth. I was still telling myself that he would open his eyes soon. The hospital environment was very calm, but I felt broken inside. After test, doctors said he had sepsis and intestinal perforation. I hadn't heard these words before. When doctors explained what the condition meant, my heart was bleeding for my newborn baby.

Baby has a hole in his intestines

My son has a hole in his large intestine. He was only six-days old when an emergency surgery was performed. The surgery made opening in his abdominal wall and attached a pouch to his stomach catch his digested food. He needs another surgery to put the pouch back to his stomach. This can be done only after he shows some signs of improvement. My son is still lying unconscious in ICU.

Doctor's say that my child is out of danger. He will recover provided the treatment is continued. I am just relieved that he is alive. I can't imagine life or going back without him.

For the first surgery, my husband ran to everyone he knew and sold whatever little we had. We managed to get only Rs 30,000. My husband and I cried uncontrollably and begged everyone in the hospital to save him. The first day, I was still in pain so we stayed in a room that cost Rs 1,000 per day. We vacated the room next day and are now sleeping in the hospital veranda. I'm still in pain from childbirth - but my baby is going through something much worse. 

Arathi and Kaviarasu

I'm longing to hold him in my hands. My baby is going through excruciating pain since birth. I want him to come out of this pain and live a normal life. I'm willing to do anything to make him happy and healthy again. He deserves a life and I deserve him too.

Baby needs to be in ICU for 3-4 weeks

How can you help

My husband works as a driver for a meagre income. We are helplessly watching our baby battle for his life. He needs to be in ICU for 3-4 more weeks and continue the treatment. I do not have anything left with me. Your support can save my baby. The treatment costs Rs 3 lakhs. Please help me.
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Estimation letter
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11th May 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Baby Arathi was discharged from the hospital on 5th May, and currently she's doing well at home with her mother.

Previously, baby Arathi had a shallow breathing, abdominal distension hence abdominal x-ray was done which showed grossly dilated bowel loops. Baby underwent emergency Laparotomy, During surgical procedure multiple perforations in the bowel noted. Post operative period baby had developed wound infection which was managed with daily dressings and continuation of antibiotics.

Currently baby Arathi is on direct breast feeds. Blood culture indicated klebseilla pneumoniae and the antibiotics were given for 21 days. Her mother is trained in colostomy care. At discharge baby was alert, with good cry and tone.

As of now, she's doing well and the family is grateful to each on of you who contributed towards her campaign, they shall always be grateful to each one of you.

Thank you,
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