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Help 2-year-old Arsalan Continue Treatment Post Transplant.

Arsalan is a two-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major when he was only six months old. His parents are government workers who used to stay in Jammu & Kashmir. Due to lack of proper hospital facilities, they had to travel and reach Bangalore for treatment. Arsalan is currently under the care of Dr. Sunil Bhat at Narayana Hrudalaya Hospital.

Arsalan underwent an emergency bone marrow transplant but he has developed  infections and needs to be hospitalized for long. The family has arranged for 9 lakhs and but he would need support of over 12 lakhs to continue his treatment.

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The family needs all the support they could get.  Your contribution will help Arsalan  complete his treatment and recover completely.

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3rd November 2016
Dear Supporters

After the last update, Arsalan developed a fever for a few days. The blood tests revealed that the hemoglobin level was still low. He was given a blood transfusion two weeks back in Jammu itself. Arsalan is still undergoing weekly blood tests and is under observation.

Here are photos of Arsalan after he was discharged.

Team Milaap
12th October 2016
Dear Supporters

Arsalan is healthy after the bone-marrow transplant in July. However, his hemoglobin levels are slightly on the lower side. There is still a risk of infection because of which he doesn’t venture out of the house too often. He has not been able to meet a lot of his relatives and friends for the same reason. 

Their hometown is 200 kms from Jammu. Arsalan and his parents are at present staying in Jammu so that he has access to quality healthcare whenever required. Let us pray that he recovers completely soon. 

Team Milaap
27th July 2016
Dear Supporter,

We have an update on Arsalan's treatment from his father.

Arsalan was discharged from the hospital today. He needs to go to the hospital twice a week. He is not completely free from infections but there is some improvement compared to the last few weeks. Hope to see him fully recovered. Keep him in your prayers.

-Ahmed (Arsalan's father)
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