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Family in trouble...need money urgently

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27th June 2017
Hello donors,

I will be transferring the amount of 445.94 USD (approx Rs 28,747) to Krishna today and the INR amount of Rs 86,710 in a few days. I will let him know about all the people who have come together to help collect this amount so that he has a chance of starting a debt free life.

The total collected amount of Rs 1,15,457 + Rs. 21,500 collected through other sources will be used to pay off one of the creditors in part and I will let you know once it is done.

Here is the current status of payments :

Creditor 1 -
Total payable - Rs. 1,50,000
Payment made - Rs 50,000 (amount collected through family + housing society).
Payment due - Rs. 1 Lakh

Creditor 2 -
Total payable - Rs. 1,50,000
Payment made - Rs 50,000 (amount collected through family and housing society)
Payment due - Rs. 1 Lakh

Creditor 3 -
Total payable - Rs 2 Lakhs
Payment that will be made from Milaap crowdfunding proceeds - Rs 1,15,457
Payment that will be made by funds collected through other sources - Rs 21,500
Total that will be paid - Rs 1,36,957
Payment due - Rs. 63,043

Total payable to all 3 creditors - Rs. 5 Lakhs
Total paid/ will be paid - Rs  2,36,957
Total due - Rs 2,63,043

Though I am relieved that I have been able to raise some funds for him, I am still anxious because I have not been able to raise the remaining amount of Rs. 2,63,043 that accounts for more than 50 % of what he has to pay off his creditors.

Regarding his property papers, a lawyer I sent Krishna to, suggested that it is better that he pays the amount to the family that has confiscated his papers and gets them back instead of taking it up legally. I am seeking out other lawyers now who can advise him better and still hoping that there is a legal recourse to get his papers back.

Thanks to your support I have come a long way in helping Krishna, but there is still miles to go before he gets debt free. But, I have faith that though the going is tough, there will be a final solution to this.

The campaign is still live and I request you to share this on your networks, just in case there are others who would also like to help. Additionally, if you have any other suggestions and advice on how I can take this further, please send me a mail at

Thanks once again for your help and please keep Krishna in your prayers.

Warm regards,

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