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30th January 2018

Pleased and relieved to share with you that Krishna finally got his house papers back from Creditor 4 a few days back. He kept Krishna waiting for several days saying he is busy even after he informed him that he had the full amount to pay him back. I was concerned that he might try some other form of coercion to retain the house papers and asked him to go along with his wife and son on the day he finally asked him to come. Thankfully, he has given back all the original documents that he had taken from Krishna.

Krishna has also cleared part payments of Rs 30,000 each to Creditors 1, 2 and 3 i.e a total of Rs 90,000.  This was done from the remaining amount of Rs 73,466.26 collected through crowdfunding and adding the balance amount from his salary.

So, currently the balance outstanding is as follows :

Creditor 1 - Rs 45,000

Creditor 2 - Rs 45,000

Creditor 3 - Rs 45,000

Creditor 4 - Nil

I am withdrawing amount of 137.85 USD today and an additional INR amount that has been contributed to the campaign after my last update. I will mail a separate update for the INR amount. Can't thank you enough for being such a great source of strength through this long but fruitful journey.

Thank you!

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