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Family in trouble...need money urgently

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9th October 2017
Hello. There has been some progress and some setbacks in my initiative to help Krishna from loan sharks. I have managed to help Krishna raise Rs.20,000 from his own community members. He added Rs 5,000 from his wages and was able to pay Rs 25,000 one of his creditors.

One of the other creditors got to know about this and started pressurizing him to pay Rs 25,000/- to him as well. I asked him to speak to his mother who stays in his native village and request if she can help him, since he is paying off debts for helping his brothers. Initially he was hesitant, because he did not want to burden her as she is elderly and is also a house help just like him. But, eventually he did and she stepped up to give him him Rs.12,000/- from her savings. I gave him an additional amount of Rs. 5,000/- that a friend had transferred to my a/c to help him and  and a member of our society gave Rs 3,000/-. He added an additional Rs 5,000/- and gave the total sum of Rs 25,000/- to the second creditor.

So now this is what his credit sheet now looks like :

Creditor 1 - Originial amt due 1.5 lakh. Current amt due 75,000 INR.
Creditor 2 - Original amt due 1.5 lakh. Current amt due 75,000 INR.
Creditor 3 - Original amt due 2 lakh. Current amt due 1 lakh. (Collects monthly interest of Rs 2,000)
Creditor 4 - He has Krishna's house papers. Krishna owes him Rs 1.5 lakhs and he deducts Rs 2,200 as INTEREST from his monthly salary as house help.

So, total amt still to be paid off is Rs 4 Lakhs.

I was trying to see if Krishna can get his house papers back through legal means without having to pay Creditor 4 as he has been deducting money as interest and not the principal amt for several years, but most lawyers are advising against taking a risk and come up with the amount. So, I have added him back to the creditors list.

Now about the setbacks :

- Creditor 4 who is also a member of our housing society now has recently discharged him from duty from some work he used to do in the society. So, his total earnings per month have come down. I am concerned that he is trying to weaken Krishna financially so that he has more financial control over him.

- I called up a trust at a temple and requested for help. But, they refused to help saying they only help in medical cases and told me I was being foolish by trying to help him and that only 'God can help him'. This really upset me and set me back emotionally, but now my resolve is stronger.
The fight is not only about Krishna and the creditors, but the underlying mentality of the entire financial system in our country that pushes people to the edge of desperation and exploitation.


I am initiating a transfer of USD 151.36 to Krishna today from the funds collected from Milaap. I will ask him to add this to the salary and Diwali bonus he is likely to receive this month and see if he can pay off some amount to Creditor 3. I will transfer the remaining collected amount in installments.

Thanks for your support and please share this campaign link on social media. Most importantly, please pray that this initiative reaches its deserving conclusion and Krishna gets the justice he deserves.


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