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Fundraising to provide after-school tuitions to smart underprivileged kids. Join my campaign - every little support matters!

Why am I fundraising?

I teach a bunch  of energetic and intelligent 8th grade kids at an underprivileged school in Mumbai. With your help we can together support the education of 10 higher order kids and help them succeed in the 9th grade and the 10th grade SSC examination.

I have researched on the various after-school coaching classes that are located in the slums where these kids reside. Rather than choose the best, I have selected one that is close to their homes so that kids are motivated to attend all classes even during heavy Mumbai monsoon conditions and without having to spend on transportation. I have negotiated a concessional rate too. The tution fees per child for both the years is Rs.30,000.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Your contributions will be utilized to sponsor 10 kids to a reputed coaching class for both 9th and 10th grade. Given that the school coaching is inadequate, I believe that  they will benefit significantly if they  receive tutelage from expert teachers after school. It would help them attain mastery in all subjects, improve their confidence, bring them at par with privileged students and set them on a path to success. A strong academic foundation will help them further their academic and career ambitions. I am counting on your help and support with this project. Please send in your contributions to bring the light of knowledge to these underprevileged kids from the slums of Mumbai. 

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13th June 2017
Dear All,
Hope you are doing well.
I wanted to share this exciting news with you:
Sonali  topped the school with 93% marks.
Here are the % marks of the other 10 students:
1. Shubham Pandey : 68
2. Sanjana 75
3. Abhishek S: 86
4. Laxmina: 82
5. Vikas 82
6, Yasmin : 73
7. Ritik: 76
8. Abhishek. k: 67
9. Shabnam: 85
10. Anjali: 74
Thank you all for your support with this initiative. These kids will remember your generosity  forever.
Best wishes,

3rd February 2016

Dear Supporters,

I am Ibrahim, an open Fellow from Milaap. I recently met Mr. Anand Subramanian in his office to know more about the kids he was helping. As I asked him about how he came around this, he reveals that some parents of the kids that he used to teach, in a municipal school in Kanjur Marg, voiced their concerns about their kids clearing the SSC Boards. “The kind of learning that we were providing, taking them to museums, giving them exposure to values and mind-sets, was unfortunately not enough. It was crucial for them to stick to core academics to clear the SSC, without which the kids would be at a clear disadvantage”, said Anand.

He selected the top 10 kids from his class who had excelled previously to sponsor coaching for them. The kids were then asked to search for a good yet cost-effective coaching that was near their homes. Although even that class charged more than Rs. 40,000 per student for 2 years, Anand managed to negotiate it to Rs. 33,000. To ensure that the parents along with the kids took part in this initiative earnestly, they were asked to pitch in a small amount of Rs. 5,000.

Anand says,” I raised the campaign on Milaap with a sense that I would never be able to raise the full amount. But some amazing stuff happened. People I didn’t even know were contributing and spreading the message. Someone had donated 800 dollars, that was magical”.  And after the 10 kids had been funded, he realised that there was a surplus of funds through the campaign. And there was a kid, from another classroom where he was a top performer, who approached Anand to join the coaching. With about 20,000 of the surplus, the kid bringing some and the coaching owner waiving some more, he was also able to attend this coaching. The kid’s father had just lost his job, so this was a very comforting prospect for the family.

Anand keeps tab on these kids and the supporters will be glad to know that they’re doing really well. In Anand’s own words, “The impact might have been minuscule, but the process of delivering it was very enriching”.

Mr. Anand with some of the kids that you've helped to sponsor

19th March 2015

Ritik, The Tenth Kid: Brilliant, intelligent and always full of cheerful.

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Hi Anand I am Gomathi's hubby Kumar Subramanian. Appreciate for your great efforts for this noble cause.. Pl. accept our contribution of Rs.1001 towards this noble cause....

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Anand, I got this link from A.L.Narasimhan. I am Arun's brother-in-law. I wish you all the best on your great effort! Ganesh