Your Support Can Help Rescue And Save Wildlife In Bengaluru

People for Animals (PfA) Bangalore is working for the welfare of Urban Wild Animals. We are committed to making a difference for the betterment of the environment for future generations to come. The Wildlife hospital of PfA Bangalore is run solely on contributions. Adopting’ an animal helps us to fund its recovery to good health so that we can ultimately return it to its natural habitat.

There are 131 gorgeous wildlife animals in care at PfA. At this point, we are seeking donations for specific animals in care. Adoption funding is utilized towards costs incurred on medical supplies, food and varies depending on the species, the condition of the animal at that time and the plan of care.

Why Adopt?

Since PfA deals only with wild animals, they cannot be fostered and must be treated and rehabilitated at our shelter in Kengeri. The animals that are brought to our Wildlife Hospital and Rescue Center are treated, nursed and provided with constant care. Some are severely injured, a few displaced and others orphaned, for whom PfA provides the much needed parental care.
Once treated, we aim to release them back to wild. By adopting them passively, you would be directly contributing to the recovery and release of the animals but also be participating in the welfare of environmental space of Bangalore!

How can you help?  Spread the word spread the impact

Adopting an urban wild animal plays a vital role in our fight for wildlife conservation by providing us the valuable support required for our "ADOPT ME" campaign. The cost to sustain and maintain rescued animals are high and we depend only on your donations to rescue, feed, provide necessary veterinary care and fight for the voiceless.

Please go through the list to adopt an animal.We need donation to feed and house the animals in our care.  You have the choice to adopt an animal for 1 week or more number of weeks. You could also adopt more than animal. Once you adopt, we will be updating you on its progress from time to time.

Thanks for showing interest for the animals that need all the help!!

Small sponsorships go a long way!

Thanks & Regards,
Bangalore PfA Team
List of Urban Wild Animals for passive adoption
List of Urban Wild Animals for passive adoption
List of Urban Wild Animals for passive adoption
List of Urban Wild Animals for passive adoption
List of Urban Wild Animals for passive adoption
List of Urban Wild Animals for passive adoption
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8th May 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Here's a picture of a Barn Owl at the PFA wildlife hospital.

Your kind contribution has helped us in the releases of injured urban wild animals in its natural form.
Thank you
4th April 2018

Dear supporters,

Thank you for the support. This campaign was able to raise a small proportion of the total funds expected. However the money generated will be used for Rescue, Recovery, and Rehabilitation & Release of urban wildlife which is the main aim of PfA.
Please find attached few pictures of rescued animals.
PFA Team

24th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

The sound of birds chirping early in the morning is something we have all heard - but how often have we seen the birds themselves? Often, they are small, well-camouflaged birds - no bigger than a leaf! Due to the melodious sounds they make, they are also called songbirds or passerines.

As a result of their small stature, they are highly sensitive to minute changes around them. This would mean that a single tree being cut down could result in a large number of passerines losing their homes. Besides this, sheer stress can kill them, whether it is caused by a loud siren or the sudden POP of a toy gun.They are also easy prey for pets like cats and dogs, who hunt these birds out of boredom. Their fragility results in broken bones that are nearly impossible to treat, as they don't respond well to intensive treatment.

Another major risk to these birds is the ignorance of people. We can brush an entire nest away without realising that it houses baby birds! However, these tiny songbirds are actually one of the most important factors in a healthy environment. Without them, there would be lesser dispersal of seeds and pollination wouldn't occur - meaning we would lose the trees and flowers around us

We seek your support small birds , thereby preserving Bangalore's wild animal populations - which are much needed to ensure the natural longevity of the city we live in.

The list of animals currently in care and needing funds:  

From the list, you may choose an animal and the period of support. We will routinely update you on its progress with pictures.

Thank you for your interest and action. Please do push this email to your friends, colleagues and family, it will help our efforts immensely. I also urge to visit our hospital to see first-hand the work that our we do.  

Thank you!
Team PfA Bangalore
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