Adopt a Stove : Help Rural Karnataka Women get access to Clean Cooking

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What is your carbon footprint?

If you travel 500 kms, your carbon footprint is 0.10 tonnes of CO2
If you take one flight for one hour, your footprint is 0.25 tonnes of CO2

The carbon footprint of an average European is 10 tonnes/year, of an American 16 tonnes/year and an Indian, 2 tonnes/year.

Do you want to offset your carbon footprint? Support BlueMatch Clean Cooking Solutions by adopting a stove for a rural Indian woman. Each stove reduces about 3 tons of CO2 per year. The first three years is a fully guaranteed period, so 9 tons is reserved for you to compensate your carbon footprint.

BlueMatch Clean Cooking Solutions is working everyday to ensure that every rural Indian woman has access to clean cooking conditions, helping her health, her family and the environment. We are a social enterprise focusing on ten of the seventeen UN Social Development Goals.

So, when you adopt a stove, you don’t just offset your carbon footprint and provide clean cooking to one rural Indian woman, but you also become a catalyst in UN's Social Development Goals.

With every contribution of Rs. 6000, the entire amount will be utilised for purchasing and delivering a BlueMatch Pragathi EcoStove to a woman. You will be updated about the beneficiary who receives the stove with a copy of the invoice for reference. 

For more details, visit our website or contact us at or get involved.

Know more about the women we work with: 
Bhagyamma wakes up every morning at 4am. She takes around 20 minutes to ignite her traditional Chulha and cooks for close to 3 hours for her entire family. She then spends 2 hours to clean the vessels which have a residue from the Chulha. Her kitchen is little and dark. The walls were blue, but it has turned black due to the smoke. If the walls have turned colours, then what is happening to Bhagyamma who inhales the same smoke everyday for 3 hours?

More than 170 million Indian households cook on open fire using firewood. The exposure of mainly women and children to smoke causes one of the biggest health issues in the world. Many suffer serious respiratory, pulmonary and vision problems and 0.8 million people die every year, making open fire cooking one of the biggest health problems in India.  At an ecological level it leads to deforestation and the inefficient burning of firewood causes unnecessary CO₂-emissions and leaves black carbon in the air.

About BlueMatch
About BlueMatch
Our Approach to Clean Cooking
Our Approach to Clean Cooking
What is the Pragathi EcoStove?
What is the Pragathi EcoStove?
Our Commitment to SDGs
Our Commitment to SDGs
Pragathi EcoStove
Pragathi EcoStove
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