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Mohammad's Plea To Save His 10-year-old Son's Heart

10-year-old Abdur Rahman came down with a cold in November. His parents rushed him to a doctor only to hear a terrifying diagnosis. They learned that he was living with a hole in his heart since he was born, and if they had not sought medical intervention at the right time, they would have lost their son.
Mohammad is a father of five beautiful children. "I have three girls and two boys. They are my life." While his wife cares for the children back in a small village nestled in Bihar, Mohammad works as a night watchman for a residential complex in Mumbai. "I came here over a year ago so I can make more money and send it home for the family. We are very poor. So even this Rs. 6,500 salary is a blessing. This is a temporary job, and I am grateful for it." 

Early in November 2016, Rahman came down with a cold. He used to cough persistently. The parents assumed it was normal when it began. When Mohammad went home for a visit, he noticed how Rahman clutched his chest with his face contorted in pain every time he coughed. Alarmed by this, the parents rushed him to a local doctor.

Unequipped to deal with such cases, the doctor referred him to a hospital where they performed tests. They were distraught to hear that Rahman had a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) and needs a cardiac surgery at the earliest. Mohammad immediately brought his son to the city where he believed they would get affordable treatment options.

Now, Mohammad has picked up extra shifts and spends most of his time on the street under the sun in front of the residential complex just to make as much money as possible to help his son. The family is staying at a relative's house until the surgery, after which they intend to move back home, while Mohammad continues to work in Mumbai.

"Dr. Hamdulay, and a few more people have been very kind to us. It is because of them we are able to stay strong and believe that Rahman's going to be alright." The estimated cost for this surgery is Rs. 2,35,000. Although Mohammad is doing his best, he needs your help to save his son's life.

"There are two kinds of lives even in sickness. When the rich get sick, they can manage the pain because it is affordable. For us, the story is darker. We can't even afford to soothe our son's pain."

Your contribution would save Rahman, and give a father much needed hope.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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15th March 2017

We wanted to post our next update showing Rahman playing with his friends. However we understand that all the supporters are anxious to know the status of treatment hence decided to push forward the update.

So people, here is something which you should be proud of ..... you have helped bring hope to a 10 year old kid. You have given his parents a reason to smile.

Surgery of Abdur Rehman has been successfully done on 13th March 2017, Monday. He is still in Care Unit but recovering fast and doctors are positive on his recovery.

Here is a look at him...

We will get you some pictures of him once he is out of Care unit. Trust us, he himself cant wait to get out of the mundane room.

Here is what his father says to all of you...(If you dont understand Hindi, it should not be a problem... you can feel it from the tone - he is saying Thank You!! He is saying thank you to doctors and to all the donors who helped the family...)

One Last Request... we know you shared our campaign when we were arranging for resources for the treatment, we sincerely request you to share the success story too...Make people believe that there still exists world where human beings feel for each other and reach out to help.... help people believe in humanity!!!


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