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Who can lend on Milaap?

If you want to create social impact, then Milaap is the place for you to lend. We encourage both individuals from around the world and corporates to lend on

The loan amount starts at 25$ for foreign nationals and Rs. 500 for Indians.

For corporates, we design special corporate lending programs. We also develop CSR initiatives to engage employees at the corporate level.

What payment options can I use to make a loan?

There are primarily two ways to lend through Milaap:

Online Loans -

  • Indian lenders can use net-banking and credit/debit cards.
  • Foreign lenders can use debit/credit cards.

For those who are unable to make their loan via our online portal, you can pay via cheque or electronic fund transfer.

For those in India, you could write a cheque in favor of “Milaap”. You can also transfer the amount to our India account. Account details are given below :-
  • Bank Name: Axis Bank
  • A/C Name: Milaap
  • A/C Number: 912010013060207
  • Bank Address: J.P. Nagar, 6th Phase, Bangalore
  • IFSC Code: UTIB0001513

Please send us an email at once you have made a loan this way, so that we can ensure that we receive the amount without any confusion regarding the same.

Is my loan tax deductible?

Since the loans you make on Milaap are repaid by the borrowers, your loan is not tax deductible. Unlike charitable contributions where you make a donation (which can be tax deductible), Milaap accepts only loans made by you to deserving borrowers across India.

Am I being charged any fees?

Milaap does not charge lenders a fee to lenders. We even absorb transaction fees to ensure that lenders are able to create maximum impact with their loans .

How will I be informed when my loan transaction is made?

You will receive an email confirmation once your loan transaction is successful. This email includes details of the borrower, the loan cycle, date of loan, and area of focus.

To make a loan on Milaap you register as a lender with a Milaap account that consists of all loan specifications, including monthly updates on the utilization and repayment of your loan.

What impact does my loan have?

Your loan enables deserving financially-challenged borrowers to gain better livelihood means and access critical services, essential for health and dignity. To read more about the quantitative impact of your loans, visit

To view specific stories of change, you could watch our videos at

What is the time period for which I am making a loan?

The loan period on Milaap typically ranges from 12 months to 36 months. However, this changes from one borrower to the next. This is because customized credit programs are created for each borrower.

Why are there different loan repayment periods for different borrowers?

Milaap and its field partners work closely with borrowers to create customized credit programs. These take into consideration the borrower's income-expense ratio and the regularity in cash flow while setting a repayment schedule that is realistic and can be honoured.