With the loan for a toilet, Sumathi attempted a business of her own | Milaap
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With the loan for a toilet, Sumathi attempted a business of her own

Written by Akshay Balan Publish date 02-Aug-2017
Sumathui Boobalan
Sumathui Boobalan

Rayapatti isn't that close to any of its neighbouring villages. It took us quite a while before we saw any signs of habitation again, but when we did, it certainly was quite a sight. If Rayapatti reminds me of anything, it is the village of Vrindhavan from the myth of Lord Krishna. I have never seen so many cows herded by so many people in the midst of huge, large-canopied trees. Everyone in the village, it seemed, was rearing a cow. "They're not our cows, you know," said Sumathi, taking me out of my ideation. "We grace them for the actual owners. They live in neighbouring villages and run dairy farming businesses." Realising my error, I said, "Oh, I didn't know that. So they delegate the grazing feeding work to another village altogether?" Sumathi nodded. "We have better fodder here. The grass in this village is of a better quality. We just can't afford to buy cows of our own." I reflect on that. "That's interesting. At least you are making something out of the situation." Sumathi smiled. "We have tried many things. Some stick, some don't. With the loan amount for the toilet, a group of us decided to buy tile-polishing equipment. We started our own group of tile-polishers. That was a huge hit." I nod, but ask, "Then why aren't you still in the polishing trade?" And Sumathi said, "The season for the year is over. People don't construct houses here after summer."

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