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"We want our kids to lead better lives" says Shila

Written by Mugdha Publish date 08-Feb-2018
Shila and her group
Shila and her group

Shila Kamble welcomed me into her house in Nandikurali village of Karnataka district. She folded her hand in namste and offered me a chair to sit. Sheila rushed outside to call out few people. In sometime, the room was filled with women of the Ramadevi SHG. They all greeted me with namaste. Sheila helped me translate in the local language as I started asking them about their families. This group of 15 women took a loan for their kids' education and few to buy cows and goats. Most of these women work in the farms nearby whenever they have time. And some of them rear goats and some are involved in the milk business. Their husbands are also daily wage labors on the farm. Their kids go to school and some are looking for jobs. All of them emphasized the importance of education. Anita told me,'' I am ready to take few extra steps if her kids can get a proper education". When I asked them what is the most difficult thing you face when it comes to getting an education. Unanimously they answered, connectivity from the village. There are no proper means of commuting. Sheila added, "We can not read and write properly. At least our kids should. We would be happy if they can lead little better lives than us. And they do not have to depend on anyone to do official works." The loans have helped them all grow their business in a positive way and support their kids' education.

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