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Written by Abhay Teotia Publish date 18-Apr-2018

Jasobanti was just done having her lunch when I met her. Living in Sonepur, she's used to not having electricity on a regular basis. Even while I was talking to her, her locality had no power. She tells me that this is a very regular occurrence and by now, they are no longer surprised when they go an entire day without electricity. This causes a lot of headache on her end, as she has to use kerosene lamps at home in the evenings to cook dinner. Not only it causes a lot of pollution, it also requires fuel which is just another expense added to her monthly budget. To avoid all these problems, she took an energy loan from Mahashakti Foundation and got herself a solar lantern. She says, her kids have benefitted the most from the solar lamp. They enjoy using it and gives them an added incentive to finish their homework before they go off to bed. Added to the fact that it is so easy to use and handy, she is grateful to you for helping her make her life easier.

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