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The family which hosts elephants in their backyard

Written by Megha Agarwal Publish date 06-Jan-2016
Meet Bishnupriya Kanhar
Meet Bishnupriya Kanhar

6 years old Bishnupriya Kanhar was my next borrower for the day. Her mother Saraswati had taken a loan of Rs 20,000 from Milaap through Mahashakti, for Bishnupriya's education. We reached their place around 12 noon and were welcomed by a shy Saraswati with a swollen right eye. A little hesitant to intrude in her personal life, we asked her what was wrong ? Giggling at our discomfort she replied saying," Its not what you think. An insect bit me last night." She added saying that she was not feeling very well and wanted to rest. So we decided to talk to her husband Rajat instead.

Rajat drives an auto and is the sole earner of their family of three. He earns Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 per month. The Kanhar family lives in an area which is right next to the Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary. Rajat told me , "We often have elephants visiting our backyard. Elephants are usually peaceful animals. They don't try to break in or anything." The sanctuary is also home to a number of insects, one of which I am guessing, had bitten Saraswati. 

Bishnupriya is in class second and they took the loan for her admission. She is a shy girl, just like her mother. Her family is striving to educate her. Thank you for lending them a helping hand.

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