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Rearing goats to escape her boredom

Written by Sruthy Publish date 05-Apr-2018
Kavitha with her goats
Kavitha with her goats

Like most of the family in the village Kavitha's family to belongs to the agriculture group. Her husband is a farmer and they have their own land where they cultivate paddy, cotton, black gram and groundnut. She has two daughters, one in 4th grade and the other in 6th. When I went to visit her she was sitting outside her house combing her younger daughter. She welcomed us inside and we sat to talk about the loan she received. She always wanted to be work and be financially independent. Before getting married she had done the certificate course in tailoring and was doing tailoring works. She used to stitch blouses and skirts for her neighbors and it gave her enough pocket money. After getting married she had time only to take care of her family and household works. Now since her kids have grown up a little and her husband is out of the station, she wants to start working and earn a considerable amount. "My husband goes to other states for work when the agriculture season is over. In times like that, I feel bored after sending the kids to school and completing the household works. During these times I want to do something that would keep me occupied and give me income", says Kavitha. Hence she had requested for a loan amount of Rs.15,000 and received it. With this amount, she purchased two goats and a goat kid. Now she spends her evening taking the goats to graze. She says that once the goats grow and multiply she will sell them in the markets and receive a good profit. She is thankful to the lenders as now she can use her free time to rear the goats, earn and save more for her family.

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